Home By and By

Melody - Septimus Winner, 1875; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

(under the name Alice Hawthorne) Septimus Winner, 1875

Home, by and by, when our duties are done,
Meeting again with the lov'd that are gone;
Joy for the heart when all trials are past,
Home, by and by, home in Heaven at last.
Home, by and by, when my journey is o'er,
Resting in peace on that beautiful shore;
Safe thro' the gates to my home, by and by;
Nearer to God in his mansions on high.
2. Home, by and by, oh, how welcome the thought,
Serving the Master, we ever have sought;
Singing his praise with a heart full of joy;
Knowing the peace that no sin can destroy.


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