Ida (Sweet As Apple Cider)

Melody - Eddie Munson, 1903; Seq. by Don Ferguson

Eddie Leonard, 1903

In the region where the roses always bloom,
Breathing out upon the air their sweet perfume,
Lives a dusky maid I long to call my own,
For, I know my love for her will never die;
When the sun am sinkin' in dat golden west,
Little robin red breast gone to seek their nests,
Then I sneak down to dat place I love the best,
Ev'ry ev'ning there along I sigh.
Ida! sweet as apple cider,
Sweeter than all I know,
Come out! in the silv'ry moonlight,
Of love we'll whispoer, so soft and low!
Seems tho' can't live without you,
Listen oh! honey do!
Ida! I idolize yer,
I love you Ida, 'deed I do.
2. When the moon comes stealing up behind the hill,
Save the gentle calling of the whip-poor-will,
Then I long to hold her little hand in mine;
Thro' the trees the winds are sighing soft and low,
Seem to come and whisper that your love is true,
Come and be my own now, sweetheart do! oh do!
Then my life will seem almost divine.


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