I do Not Come Because My Soul

Melody - "Kommt her zu mir", German melody, c. 1400; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Frank B. St. John, 1878

I do not come because my soul
Is free from sin and pure and whole
And worthy of Thy grace;
I do not speak to Thee because
I've never justly kept Thy laws
And dare to meet Thy face.

2. I know that sin and guilt combine
To reign o'er every thought of mine
And torn from good to ill;
I know that, when I try to be
Upright and just and true to Thee,
I am a sinner still.

3. I know that often when I strive
To keep a spark of love alive
For Thee, the powers within
Leap up in unsubmissive might
And oft benumb my sense of right
And pull me back to sin.

4. I know that, though in doing good
I spend my life, I never could
Atone for all I've done;
But though my sins are black as night,
I dare to come before Thy sight
Because I trust Thy Son.

5. In Him alone my trust I place,
Come boldly to Thy Throne of grace,
And there commune with Thee.
Salvation sure, O Lord, is mine,
And, all unworthy, I am Thine,
For Jesus died for me.


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