The Slaves Consolation

I'll Neber Hoe de Cotton Any More

Melody - Thomas Martin Towne, 1862; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

James R. Gilmore, 1862

Come listen, all you darkies, come listen to my song,
It am about the Massam who use me bery wrong;
In de cole frosty mornin', it ain't so bery nice,
Wid de water to de middle to hoe among the rice.
When I neber hab forgotton,
|: How I used to hoe de cotton, :|
On de ole Viginny shore;
But I'll neber hoe de cotton,
Oh! neber hoe de cotton,
Oh! neber hoe de cotton any more.
2. If I feel de drefful hunger, he tink it am a vice,
And he gib me for my dinner a little broken rice,
A little broken rice and a bery little fat
And he grumble like de debil if I eat too much of dat.

3.He tore me from my Dinah; I tought me heart would burst
He made me lub anoder when my lub was wid de first,
He sole my picaninnies, becase he got dar price,
And he shut me in de marshfield to hoe among the rice.


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