Invited, Lord, by Boundless Grace

Melody - "Das walt' Gott Vater", Daniel Vetter, 1713; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Emanuel Cronenwett, 1880

Invited, Lord, by boundless grace,
I stand a guest before Thy face;
As Host Thou spreadst no common food:
Here is Thy body and Thy blood.

2. How holy is this Sacrament
Where pardon, peace, and life are spent!
This bread and cup my lips have pressed;
Thou blessedst, and my soul is blessed.

3. Now lettest Thou Thy guest depart
With full assurance in his heart.
For such communion, Lord, with Thee
A new life may my offering be.

4. When Thou shalt in Thy glory come
To gather all Thy people home,
Then let me, as Thy heavenly guest,
In anthems praise Thee with the blest.


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