When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam'

Melody - Irving Berlin, 1912; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Irving Berlin, 1912

I've had a mighty busy day,
I've had to pack my things away,
Now I'm goin' to give the landlord back his key;
The very key that opened up my dreary flat,
Where many weary nights I sat,
Thinking of the folks down home who think of me;
You can bet you'll find me singing happily.
|: When the midnight choo-choo leaves for Alabam',
I'll be right there, I've got my fare,
When I see that rustyhaired conductor-man,
I'll grab him by the collar
And I'll holler Alabam'! Alabam'!
That's where you stop your train,
That brings me back again,
Down home where I'll remain,
Where my honeylamb am,
I will be right there with bells,
When that old conductor yells,
"All aboard! All aboard!
All aboard for Alabam'". :|
2. The minute that I reach the place,
I'm goin' to overfeed my face,
'Cause I haven't had a good meal since the day
I went away, I'm going to kiss my Pa and Ma
A dozen times for ev'ry star,
Shining over Alabama's new mown hay;
I'll be glad enough to throw myself away.


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