Kingdom Coming

Melody - Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Henry Clay Work, 1862

Oh, can you see the master comin'
With the moustache on his face?
Well, he come out o' here sometime this mornin',
Said he's gonna leave this place.
Well, he saw the smoke way up the river
Where the Lincoln gunboats lay.
Well, he took his hat and he left mighty sudden,
And I think he's gone away!
Oh, the master run, ha, ha!
The darkey stay, ho, ho!
And it must be now the kingdom comin'
In the year of Jubilo!

2. Oh, he's six foot one way, two foot the other,
And he weighs three hundred pounds.
His coat's so big he couldn't pay the tailor,
And it don't go halfway round.
He drills so much they call him Captain,
And he gets so mighty tanned.
I expect he'll try to fool them Yankees
For to think he's contraband!

3. Now the overseer, he makes trouble
And he run us 'round a spell.
We locked him up in the smokehouse cellar
With the keys thrown down the well.
His whip is lost, his handcuff's broken,
And the master'll have his pay.
He's old enough, big enough and ought to known better
Than to went and run away!

4. De darkeys feel so lonesome livin'
In da log house on de lawn,
They moved their things in the massa's parlor
For to keep it while he's gone.
There's wine and cider in the kitchen
And the darkeys, de'll have some.
I spose dey'll all be cornfiscated
When de Linkum sojers come.
Chorus repeat:


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