Kissing in the Dark

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1863; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1863

Sitting in the cosy parlor
When the nights are long,
While the cricket 'neath the window
Sings his dainty song:
With the one we love beside us
And no eyes to mark,
|: Oh how gaily glide the hours
Kissing in the dark. :|
2. Softly then the vows we murmur
Fall upon the air,
Little hands in ours are folded,
Gently nestling there.
Not a sweeter note of music
Sings the morning lark,
|: Then is heard when lips are meeting
Kissing in the dark. :|
3. Surely then we grow much bolder
For we know this well,
That we whisper 'neath the shadows
All love bids us tell.
Let us bless the golden hours
With no eyes to mark,
|: That we pass among the maidens
Kissing in the dark! :|


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