Bury Me in the Morning, Mother

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1863; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1863

Lay me down where the grass is green, mother,
Beneath the willow shade,
Where the murmuring winds will mourne, mother,
The wreck that death has made.
Bury me in the morning,
And mourn not at my loss,
For I'll join the beautiful army
That carried the Saviour's cross.

2. Never sorrow or sigh for me, mother,
Tho' I fall in early years,
For I'll be in the pleasant land,
That's free from grief and tears.

3. I have heard the songs of the blest, mother,
And angels are drawing near
To carry me o'er the stream, mother,
That mortals dread and fear.

4. You must promise to come to me, mother,
When life and hope shall fade,
For there's room for you in the home, mother,
That's far from the greenwood shade.


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