Farewell My Lilly Dear

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1851; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1851

Oh! Lilly dear, it grieves me
The tale I have to tell;
Old massa sends me roaming,
So Lilly, fare-you-well!
Oh! fare-you-well my true love,
Farewell old Tennessee,
Then let me weep for you love,
But do not weep for me.
Farewell forever to Old Tennessee;
Farewell my Lilly dear,
Don't weep for me.

2. I's guine to roam the wide world
In lands I've never hoed,
With nothing but my banjo
To cheer me on the road;
For when I'm sad and weary
I'll make the banjo play,
To mind me of my true love
When I am far away.

3. I wake up in the morning,
And walk out on the farm;
Oh! Lilly am a darling
She take me by the arm,
We wander through the clover
Down by the river side,
I tell her that I love her
And she must be my bride.

4. Oh! Lilly dear 'tis mournful
To leave you hear alone,
You'll smile before I leave you
And weep when I am gone,
The sun can never shine, love
So bright for you and me,
As when I worked beside you
In good old Tennesse.


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