Lily Ray

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1850; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1850

While in their sunny bowers,
Sweet birds rejoice,
Mingling with budding flowers,
Loves gentle voice,
Grief to thy memory
Tuneth a lay,
|: Lovely departed one,
Sweet Lily Ray. :|
2. When slumber's dreamy light
O'er me is thrown,
Calling in visions bright,
Days that are gone,
While round my drooping heart,
Joy seems to play,
|: Fondly I dream of thee,
Sweet Lily Ray. :|
3. When liquid melody
Falls on mine ear,
Then I impulsively
Deem thou art near;
But when a gentle form
Passeth away,
|: Sadly I mourn for thee,
Sweet Lily Ray. :|


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