Linda Has Departed

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1859; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1859

Death with his cold hand,
|: Hath robbed me of ev'ry hope, :|
My loved one is gone,
Bleak was the moment,
|: That parted our beating hearts, :|
And left me alone.
Sweet was the low voice,
|: That wrapt me in font delight, :|
As fair visions do,
Soft were the dark eyes,
|: That languished in beauty bright, :|
How fondly and true!
Linda has departed,
The warm and tender hearted,
Linda has departed
And left me here to mourn.
2. Blest were the hours passed,
|: With her whom my soul adored, :|
Whose heart was so light;
Sad is the lone hour,
|: Bereft of my darling one, :|
In the darknes and night.
All now is cheerless,
|: My joys long have passed away, :|
With love fleeting years;
Hope has no comfort,
|: For sadness now holdeth sway, :|
And leave me in tears.


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