Little Ella

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1853; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1853

Little Ella, fairest, dearest
Unto me and unto mine,
Earthly cherub coming nearest
To my dreams of forms divine:
Her brief absence frets and pains me,
Her bright presence solace brings,
Her spontaneous love restrains me
From a thousand selfish things.
2. Little Ella moveth lightly
Like a graceful fawn at play,
Like a brooklet running brightly
In the genial smile of May,
Like a breeze upon the meadows
All besprent with early flowers,
Like a bird mid sylvan shadows
In the golden summer hours.
3. Little Ella brings a blessing
With her bright and winning smile,
With her frank and fond caressing
And her prattle free from guile.
When I hear her footsteps bounding,
In the hall or through the grove,
And her voice with joy resounding,
'Tis the music that I love.


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