Let Us Live With a Hope

Melody - Septimus Winner, 1855; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Septimus Winner, 1855

Let us live with a hope for a better day--Mary,
A better day yet may be known,
And if toil hath reward for the wilting hand ever,
Thou'll welcome the fruits of mine own;
I will toil with a pride,
'Till I share by thy side,
The comforts and pleasures of home;
O then live with a care,
And forget thy despair,
In visions of moments to come:
Let us live with a hope for the better time coming
'Tho dark be our dreams for a while
For there's joy in the thought of a better day dawning
Then welcome thy fate with a smile.
2. I know that the fears of a darker day--Mary,
In silence thy heart will endure,
And I sigh with a gaze on thy patient face often,
In pity for all who are poor,
With the nerve of a man,
I will strive while I can,
To better thy portion in life;
O then lend me a hand,
And thy heart shall command,
The blessings of mother and a wife.


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