Lord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Pray

Melody - "Herr Jesu Christ, dich", from the Cantionale Germanicum, Dresden, 1628; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Henry E. Jacobs, 1910

Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly pray
That we may feed on Thee today;
Beneath these forms of bread and wine
Enrich us with Thy grace divine.

2. The chastened peace of sin forgiven,
The filial joy of heirs of heaven,
Grant as we share this wondrous food,
Thy body broken and Thy blood.

3. Our trembling hearts cleave to Thy Word;
All Thou hast said Thou dost afford,
All that Thou art we here receive,
And all we are to Thee we give.

4. One bread, one cup, one body, we,
United by our life in Thee,
Thy love proclaim till Thou shalt come
To bring Thy scattered loved ones home.

5. Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly pray
To keep us steadfast to that day
That each may be Thy welcomed guest
When Thou shalt spread Thy heavenly feast.


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