Maggie By My Side

Melody - Stephen C. Foster, 1852; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen C. Foster, 1852

The land of my home is flitting,
Flitting from my view;
A gale in the sails is sitting,
Toils the merry crew.
Here let my home be,
On the waters wide:
I roam with a proud heart;
Maggie’s by my side;
My own love, Maggie dear,
Sitting by my side;
Maggie dear, my own love,
Sitting by my side.
2. The wind howling o’er the billow
From the distant lea,
The storm raging ’round my pillow
Brings no care to me.
Roll on ye dark waves,
O’er the troubled tide:
I heed not your anger,
Maggie’s by my side;

3. Storms ca appal me never
While her brow is clear:
Fair wether lingers ever
Where her smiles appear.
When sorrow’s breakers
’Round my heart shall hide
Still may I find her
Sitting by my side.


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