Molly Dear Good Night

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1861; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1861

Molly dear, I cannot linger;
Let me soon begone.
Time now points with warning finger
T'wards the coming dawn.
When the noisy weary day
Shall have toiled its cares away,
To thy side again I'll stray;
Then Molly dear, good night!
2. Smile away the coming morrow
Till my sure return;
Why should fond hearts part in sorrow?
Grief too soon we learn.
Hours of bliss must come and go,
Constant pleasures none can know,
Joy must have its ebb and flow;
Then Molly dear, good night!
3. On thy form, with beauty laden,
All my thoughts will be;
Purer love ne'er blessed a maiden
Than I hold for thee;
While thine eyes in beauty glance,
While thy smiles my soul entrance;
Still the fleeting hours advance;
Then Molly dear, good night!


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