Mother, Thou'rt Faithful to Me

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1851; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1851

Mother, dear mother, 'tis sweet to know,
In stemming the current through life's ebb and flow,
Though heartless and fickle all else may be,
Thou'rt ever, ever faithful to me.
When hopes are dethroned and pleasures depart,
When sickness or care o'er-shadows my heart,
Though others may leave me for wealth or fame,
Mother, mother, thou'rt ever the same.
2. Mother, dear mother, thy smiles and tears
Have hallowed my footsteps in youth's tender years,
And still will their memory a charm impart
That never, never shall fade from my heart.
Each wish of my soul in thy bosom was caught
E'er grief framed a word or hope knew a thought,
And still, though unmindful I've been of thee,
Mother, mother, thou'rt faithful to me.
3. Mother, dear mother, amid the strife
Thy spirit hath borne in the battle of life,
Mid envy, ambition, deceit, and pride,
Thou'st ever fondly clung to my side.
Time's running sands have furrowed thy brow,
Care hath bedimmed thy cheek's native glow;
But, warm in affection of sacred hue,
Mother, mother, thou'rt faithful and true.


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