My Hopes Have Departed Forever

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1851; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

James Gates Percival, 1851

My hopes have departed forever,
My vision of true love is o'er:
My heart shall awaken, ah! never;
There's joy for my bosom no more
The roses that crowned me are blighted,
The garland I cherished is dead,
|: The faith once confidingly plighted
Is broke, and my loved one has fled. :|
2. They saw that my life was decaying,
They knew that my stay would be brief;
And still, though my spirit was straying,
I told not a word of my grief
No whisper revealed my deceiver
No ear heard me sigh or complain;
|: My heart still adored its bereaver,
And longed but to meet him again. :|
3. He came, but another had rifled
His heart of the love once my own,
I grieved, but my anguish was stifled,
And shrang from his cold formal tone.
The sun is now sinking in billows,
That roll in the far distant west,
|: But morning will shine through the willows,
And fine me forever at rest. :|


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