My Mammy

Melody - Walter Donaldson, 1921, Seq. by Don Ferguson

Sam Lewis, Joe Young, 1921

Ev'ry thing seems lovely when you start to roam,
The birds are singing the day that you stray
But wait until you are further away
Things won't be so lovely when you're all alone
Here's what you'll keep saying when you're far from home.
Mammy, mammy the sun shines east, the sun shines west,
But I've just learned where the sun shines best
Mammy, mammy my heart strings are tangled around Alabamy
I'se a comin' sorry that I made you wait
I'se a comin' hope and pray I'm not too late
Mammy, mammy I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles
My Mammy.

2. We all start our travels, searching for a friend
If you went searching down deep in your mind
You know you just left the best pal behind
After all our travels, where do we all wend
Back home to our first love, at the journey's end.