Nelly Was a Lady

Melody - Stephen C. Foster, 1849; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen C. Foster, 1849

Down on de Mississippi floating,
Long time I trabble on de way,
All night de cotton-wood a toting,
Sing for my true-lub all de day.
|: Nelly was a Lady
Last night she died,
Toll de bell for lubly Nell
My dark Virginny bride. :|

2. Now I’m unhappy and I’m weeping,
Can’t tote de cotton-wood no more;
Last night, while Nelly was a sleeping,
Death came a knockin at the door.

3. When I saw my Nelly in de morning,
Smile till she open’d up her eyes,
Seem’d like de light ob day a dawning,
Jist ’fore de sun begin to rise.

4. Close by de margin ob de water,
Whar de lone weeping willow grows,
Dar lib’d Virginny’s lubly daughter;
Dar she in death may find repose.

5. Down in de meadow mong de clober,
Walk wid my Nelly by my side;
Now all dem happy days am ober,
Farewell my dark Virginny bride.


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