The Road to Emancipation

Melody - "It's a Long to Tipperary", from a 1912 songsheet; Seq. by Jill B

Lone Wolf

Now, workingmen, you know
You live a life of misery,
So join the union of your class,
Determined to be free.
Don't let the master gouge your lives
For many years to come,
But organize upon the job
And put him on the bum.
It's the road to Emancipation,
It's the right way to go;
For the toilers to run the nation
And the world, both high and low.
Kick in, and do your duty;
For it's up to you and me--
It's the One Big Union of the Workers
That will bring prosperity.
2. Don't be a meek and lowly slave
Like lots of those you meet;
Don't be a servile scissor bill
And lick the bosses' feet.
Don't let them starve you off the earth,
Don't fear their prison cell,
Make your laws in the union hall
The rest can go to hell.

3. Now, workingmen, the masters
They have no more jobs to give;
You must form the taking habit
If you ever wish to live.
Postponing meals is suicide
On the installment plan,
So organize to get the goods,
And take them like a man.


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