Old Uncle Ned

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1848; Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Stephen Foster, 1848

Dere was an old darkey, dey called him Uncle Ned,
He's dead long ago, long ago!
He had no wool on de top ob his head,
De place whar de wool ought to grow.
Den lay down de shubble and de hoe
Hang up de fiddle and de bow:
|:No more hard work for pool old Ned
He's gone whar de good darkeys go. :|
2. His fingers were long like de can in de brake,
He had no eyes for to see;
He had no teeth for to eat de corncake
So he had to let de corncake be.

3. When Old Ned die Massa take it mighty bad,
De tears run down like de rain;
Old Missus turn pale and she gets berry sad
Cayse she nebber see Old Ned again.


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