O Loving Heart, Trust On!

Melody - Louis Moreau Gottschalk, 1864; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Henry C. Watson, 1864

There are thoughts which seem to come from heav'n
To calm all pain all pain and strife,
As dew falls on the parched flow'r
To nourish it to nourish it to life.
There came to me a happy thought
One morning when hope seemed gone.
|: It whisper'd low in accents sweet, :|
O loving heart, trust on, trust on.
One true heart beats for you alone.
|: O loving heart, trust on, trust on. :|
2. That happy thought shed o'er my life
A bright, a bright and joyful ray
As sunlight gilds the night's dim clouds,
E're breaks, e're breaks the glorious day.
My soul is bathed in sunshine.
All gloomy dreams are gone,
For that happy thought, that happy thought,
That happy thought still whispers


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