Be My Little Baby Bumblebee

Melody - Henry Marshall, 1912; Seq. by Don Ferguson

Stanley Murphy, 1912

Queenie Bee lived o'er the lee
And she was a bunny little honey bee.
Billy Bumble used to mumble 'round the Rose Mary,
Where she would meet him, greet him
And then treat him to some honey sprees,
Then start a-buzzin' in a dozen diff'rent lovin' keys.
Be my little baby bumble bee
(Buzz a-round, buzz a-round, keep a buzz-in' round)
Bring home all the honey, love, to me
(Little bee, little bee, little bee)
Let me spend the happy hours roving with you 'mongst the flow'rs,
And when we get where no one else can see,
(Cuddle up, cuddle up, cuddle up)
Be my little baby bumble bee,
(Buzz a-round, buzz a-round, keep a buzz-in' round)
We'll be just as happy as can be,
(You and me, you and me, you and me)
Honey keep a-buzzin' please, I've got a dozen cousin bees,
But I want you to be my baby bumble bee.

2. Willie, he flew o'er the lee
To call on her mama and her papa bee.
Papa bee said, goodness me,
And mama said, we'll see,
If you can pay your way, for ev'ry day the price of honey grows dear!
But little Queenie said: that for sweeney, and whispered in his ear: