Root, Hog, or Die

Melody - Anonymous, 1856; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Anonymous, 1856

I'm right from old Virginny wid my pocket full ob news
I'm worth twenty shillings right square in my shoes
It doesn't make a bit of differnance to neider you nor I
Big pig or little pig Root, hog, or die.
I'm chief cook and bottlewasher,
Cap'n ob de waiters;
I stand upon my head,
When I peel de Apple dumplins.

2. I'se happiest darkee on de top ob de earth
I get fat as possom in de time ob de dearth
Like a pig in a tate patch dar let me be
Way down in old Virginny whar its Root, hog, or die.

3. De Boston dandies dey look so very grand
Old clothes hand me down gloves upon de hand
High heel boots boots moustaches round de eye
A perfect sick family ob Root, hog, or die.

4. De Boston gals dey de beat dem all
Dey wear high heel shoes for to make demself's tall
If dey dont hab dem de Lor how dey'l cry
De boys hab got to get dem or else Root, hog, or die.

5. De Shanghie coats dey're getting all de go
Whar de boys get dem I realy dont know
But dey're bound to get dem if dey dont hang too high
Or else dey make de Taiors run Root, hog or die.


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