Root Hog, or Die (Southern version)

Melody - "Root Hog, or Die", Anonymous, 1856; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Old Abe Lincoln keeps
Kicking up a fuss,
I think he'd better stop it,
He'll only make it worse,
We'll have our Independence
I'll tell you the reason why,
Jeff Davis he will make them sing
"Root Hog or Die!"

2. When Lincoln went to reinforce
Sumter for the fight,
He told his men to pass through
The harbor in the night.
He said to them, be careful,
I'll tell you the reason why,
The Southern boys are mighty bad
On "Root Hog or Die!"

3. Then Beauregard he called a halt
According to the style,
The Lincolnites they faced about
And looked mighty wild;
They couldn't give the password,
I'll tell you the reason why
Beauregard's countersign was
"Root Hog or Die!"

4. They anchored out a battery
Upon the waters free,
It was the queerest looking thing
That ever you did see-
It was the fall of Sumter,
I'll tell you the reason why,
It was the Southern alphabet of
"Root Hog or Die!"

5. They telegraphed to Abraham
They took her like a flirt;
They underscored another line
"There was nobody hurt."
We are bound to have the Capitol,
I'll tell you the reason why
We want to teach Old Abe to sing
"Root Hog or Die!"

6. When Abra'm read the dispatch,
The tear came in his eye,
He walled his eyes to Bobby,
And Bob began to cry.
They prayed for Jeff to spare them,
I'll tell you the reason why
They didn't want to mark time
To "Root Hog or Die!"

7. The "Kentucky Braves" at Trenton
Are eager for the fight-
They want to help the Southern boys
To set old Abra'm right
They had to leave their native State,
I'll tell you the reason why
Old Kentucky wouldn't sing,
"Root Hog or Die!"


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