Baby Face

Melody - Bennie Davis, Harry Akst, 1926; Seq. by Don Ferguson

Bennie Davis, Harry Akst, 1926

Rosy cheeks and turn'd up nose and curly hair,
I'm raving 'bout my baby now,
Pretty little dimples here and dimples there;
Don't want to live without her,
I lover her goodness knows,
I wrote a song about her and here's the way it goes:
Baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face
There's not another one could take your place
Baby face, my poor heart is jumpin;
You sure have started somethin'
Baby face, I'm up in heaven
When I'm in your fond embrace,
I didn't need a shove
'Cause I just fell in love
With your pretty baby face.

2. When you were a baby not so long ago,
You must have been the cutest thing.
I can picture you at ev'ry baby show
Just winnin' ev'ry ribbon with your sweet baby way.
Say, hones I ain't fibbin', you'd win 'em all today.