Savior, I Follow On

Melody - "Winterton", Joseph Barnby, 1892; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Charles S. Robinson, 1862

Savior, I follow on,
Guided by Thee,
Seeing not yet the hand
That leadeth me.
Hushed be my heart and still,
Fear I no further ill,
Only to meet Thy will
My will shall be.

2. Riven the rock for me
Thirst to relieve,
Manna from heaven falls
Fresh every eve.
Never a want severe
Causeth my eye a tear
But Thou dost whisper near,
"Only believe."

3. Often to Marah's brink
Have I been brought;
Shrinking the cup to drink,
Help I have sought;
And with the prayer's ascent
Jesus the branch hath rent,
Quickly relief hath sent,
Sweetening the draught.

4. Savior, I long to walk
Closer with Thee;
Led by Thy guiding hand,
Ever to be
Constantly near Thy side,
Quickened and purified,
Living for Him who died
Freely for me.


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