She Was All the World to Me

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1864; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Dr. Duffy, 1864

In the sad and mournful Autumn
With the falling of the leaf,
Death, the reaper, claimed our loved one
As the husbandman the sheaf,
Cold and dark the day we laid her
'Neath the sighing cypress tree,
|: For though nothing to another,
She was all the world to me. :|

2. In the month of song and blossom,
In the month when tender flowers
Spring from earth's maternal bosom,
Waked to life by gentle showers.
As I wandered close besider her,
'Neath the spreading greenwood tree,
|: "Fair", I said, "and radiant maiden
You are all the world to me." :|

3. Then the rare and bright-eyed maiden
In the month of song and flowers,
Rose-lipped and beauty laden,
Curtained by the twilight hours,
Gave her hand into my keeping
'Neath the spreading green-wood tree.
|: "And," she said with eyelids drooping,
"You are all the world to me." :|

4. But there hovered near a spirit
Darker than the bird of night,
And it touched her drooping eyelids,
Covered up her eyes of light.
Then with careful hands we laid her,
'Neath the sighing cypress tree.
|: And my heart with her is buried -
She was all the world to me. :|


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