Battle of Shiloh Hill

Melody - Seq. by Ken Hardy

M. G. Smith, 2nd Texas Volunteer Infantry

Come all you gallant soldiers,
A story I will tell
About the bloody battle
On top of Shiloh's hill
It was an awful struggle;
It'll cause your heart to chill
All from the bloody battle
On top of Shiloh's hill.

2. Was on the sixth of April
About the break of day
The drums and fifes were playin'
For us to march away
My feelings at that moment
I do remember well
When first my feet went tramping
On top of Shiloh's hill.

3. Was about the hour of sunrise
The battle it began
Before the fight was over,
We fit them hand to hand
And the hollers of the battle
Did my heart with anguish fill
For the sick and the dying
On top of Shiloh's hill.

4. Was early the next morning
We fit the fight again
Unmindful of the wounded;
Unuseful to the slain
The cannon smoke did hide the sun,
Ten thousand was the kill
And streams of blood went running
On the top of Shiloh's hill.

5. My uniform of blue was turned
To a purplish red
When someone on a coming steed
Did strike me on the head
I sent a bullet to his heart
And as he fell away
I saw the face of my father
Dressed in bloody gray.

6. Although we won the battle,
My heart is filled with pain
The one that brought me to this life
I'll never see again
I pray to the Lord
Consistent with his will
Lord save the souls of them poor boys
That died on Shiloh's hill.

From Folk Songs of Central West Virginia, Vol. 3

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