Somebody Stole My Gal

Melody - Leo Wood, 1918; Seq. by Don Ferguson

Leo Wood, 1918

Gee, but I'm lonesome, lonesome and blue,
I've found out something I never knew
I know now what it means to be sad
For I've lost the best gal I ever had,
She only left yesterday
Somebody stole her away.
Somebody stole my gal
Somebody stole my pal
Somebody came and took her away,
She didn't even say she was leavin';
The kisses I loved so,
She's getting now I know
And gee! I know that she
Would come to me if she could see
Her brokenhearted lonesome pal
Somebody stole my gal.
2. Angels they say are only above,
I know that's wrong because my old love
Sure is an angel take it from me,
And she's all the angel I want to see.
Maybe she'll come back some day,
All I can do now is pray

To flip this around, you can sing it with pal instead of gal, he instead of she, and him instead of her.

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