The Southern Wagon

Melody - "Wait for the Wagon", Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski


Come all ye sons of freedom
And join our Southern band,
We're going to fight the enemy
And drive them from our land;
Justice is our motto
And Providence our guide,
So jump into the wagon
And we'll all take a ride.
Wait for the wagon,
The Dissolution wagon,
The South is our wagon
And we'll all take a ride.

2. Secession is our watchword,
Our rights we all demand,
And to defend our fireside
We pledge our heart and hand;
Jeff Davis is our President,
With Stevens by his side--
Brave Beauregard our General
Will join us in our ride.

3. Our wagon's plenty big enough,
The running gear is good,
'Tis stuffed with cotton round the sides,
And made of southern wood;
Carolina is the driver,
With Georgia by her side--
Virginia 'll hold our Flag up
And we'll all take a ride.

4. There's Tennessee and Texas
Also in the ring--
They would'nt have a government
Where cotton was'nt king;
Alabama, too, and Florida
Have long ago replied--.
Mississippi's in the wagon
Anxious for the ride.

5. Missouri, North Carolina,
And Arkansas are slow--
They must hurry or we'll leave'em,
And then where will they go?
There's old Kentuck and Maryland
Each won't make up their mind,
So I reckon after all we'll have to
Take them up behind.

6. Our cause is just and holy,
Our men are brave and true--
To whip the Lincoln cut-throats
Is all we'll have to do,
God bless our noble army,
In it we all confide,
So jump into the wagon
And we'll all take a ride.

From Civil War Song Sheets, Series 2, Volume 1.

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