Where Is My Mama

Melody - Thomas Jay Flanagan, 1910; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Charles Coleman, 1910

Stood a little baby on the street one day,
And passing by a lady was heard to softly say,
Why are you sad and lonely,
Your eyes are filled with tears,
The child was heard to softly yearn,
Where is my Mama dear.
|: Where is my Mama where can she be,
I'm so awful lonesome, lonesome as can be,
Papa is broken hearted Mama left us alone,
So if you see my Mama tell her to come home. :|
2. Child went home that eve-ning, and to her father said,
Tell me where is Mama, before I go to bed.
His eyes filled up with tears,
He clasped her to his breast,
Your Mama is with the angels dear
In Heaven she's at rest.


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