Give This to Mother

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1864; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

S. W. Harding, 1864

Take I pray thee this small locket,
Brother soldier ere I die;
Life is flick'ring in its socket,
And my spirit soon will fly!
I am dying, comrade dying,
Far from home and her I love;
Death with life is strongly viewing;
And I soon will be above.
Take this locket, soldier, brother,
Don't forget, give this to mother.
2. Comrade hear those angels singing,
See beyond the brilliant light;
Hear yon joy-bells sweetly ringing,
Shade my vision from God's sight'
Death has come, my eyes grow dimmer,
Let me comrade touch your hand,
Ere the stars of ev'ning glimmer,
I will find a fairer land.


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