There Is an Hour of Peaceful Rest

Melody - "Pax celeste", 1824; Seq. by Richard Jordan

William B. Tappan, 1818

There is an hour of peaceful rest
To mourning wand'rers giv'n;
There is a joy for souls distrest,
A balm for ev'ry wounded breast:
'Tis found above--in heav'n.

2. There is a home for weary souls,
By sin and sorrow driv'n
When tossed on life's tempestuous shoals,
When storms arise and ocean rolls,
And all is drear--but heav'n.

3. There faith lifts up the tearless eye,
To brighter prospects giv'n,
And views the tempest passing by,
The evening shadows quickly fly,
And all serene--in heav'n.

4. There fragrant flow'rs immortal bloom,
And joys supreme are giv'n;
There rays divine disperse the gloom;
Beyond the confines of the tomb
Appears the dawn of heav'n.

First published in Celestial Harps, Edinburgh, 1824.

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