Where Has Lula Gone

Melody - Stephen Foster, 1858; Seq. by Benjamin R. Tubb

Stephen Foster, 1858

Little voices laughing free,
Laughing on the lawn,
Tell me can you answer me,
Where has Lula gone?
Where is that merry form
Ever on the move,
Glancing through calm and storm
Living beams of love?
Soft rays of mellow light
From her eyes were thrown,
And her smiles were summer bright,
Where has Lula gone?
2. She has left the sunny hills
In their blushing bloom,
She has left the running rills
Gushing round her home,
Far in some distant land
She may yet be seen
Leading a fairy band
Like a fairy queen.
Far, far my longing heart
On her path has flown,
Yet no answer can impart;
Where has Lula gone?
3. Summer days have come and gone,
Starry nights have passed,
Many dreams of hope have flown
Since I saw her last
Roaming in rapture wild
On the mountain side,
Smiling when roses smiled,
Sighing when they died,
Wild as the honey bee,
Gentle as the fawn,
Fairer than the dawn was she;
Where has Lula gone?


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