Wait For The Wagon

Melody - Seq. by Werner Tomaschewski

Will you come with me, my Phyllis dear,
To yon blue mountain free?
Where the blossoms smell the sweetest,
Come rove along with me.
It's every Sunday morning,
When I am by your side,
We'll jump into the wagon
And all take a ride.
Wait for the wagon, wait for the wagon,
Wait for the wagon, and we'll all take a ride.

2. Where the river runs like silver
And the birds they sing so sweet,
I have a cabin, Phyllis,
And something good to eat;
Come listen to my story,
It will relieve my heart;
So jump into the wagon,
And off we will start.

3. Do you believe, my Phyllis, dear,
Old Mike, with all his wealth,
Can make you half so happy
As I, with youth and health?
We'll have a little farm,
A horse, a pig and cow;
And you will mind the dairy,
While I do guide the plough.

4. Your lips are red as poppies,
your hair so slick and neat,
all braided up with dahlias,
and hollyhocks so sweet.
It's ev'ry sunday morning,
when I am by your side,
we'll jump into the wagon,
and all take a ride.

5. Together, on life's journey,
we'll travel till we stop,
and if we have no trouble,
we'll reach the happy top;
then come with me, sweet Phyllis,
my dear, my lovely bride,
we'll jump into the wagon,
and all take a ride.


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