Hymn For the National Funeral

Melody - "Old 100th," Genevan Psalter, 1551; Seq. by Richard Jordan

Rev. T. H. Stockton

With humble heart and drooping brow,
Before Thy throne, great God, we bow;
Earth's noblest state is naught but dust,
And Thou art all our souls can trust.

2. Not only fall the vile and vain,
Who seek no good, who scothe no pain;
But men whom angels must approve,
Whom nations bless, and Thou dost love.

3. For all he was, of great and good,
We thank Thee, in whose strength he stood;
For all he is, we praise Thy name;
His rest in heaven, on earth his fame.

4. With him relieved, Thy work proceeds,
New hands shall emulate his deeds;
While still from Heaven we hear his voice,
God reigns--let all the world rejoice.


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