Irish Folksongs


Airs, Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns, Jigs, and Reels of Ireland
Sorted by first line of lyric and title, with title in italics.

Many songs have variations to them. I used the one that I could substantiate with a reference source.
The titles are even worse, mainly in the spelling of names, i.e.,: Brian O'Linn to Bryan O'Lynn.

Last updated: 22. January 2001

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32 Counties, The - Melody
A band of youthful heroes / The Crimson Flag of Derry - Melody
A brave and jolly yeoman long / A Song for the Yeomen - Melody
A Dhonncha Brúin ‘s deas do chraithfinn lámh leat / Na Buachaillí Bána - Melody
A Dhónaill Óig, má théir thar farraige / Dónall Óg or Young Donald - Melody
A Fine True-Hearted Protestant - Melody
A hungry feeling came o’er me steeling / The Old Triangle - Melody
A kingly host upon a stream / The Battle of the Boyne - Melody
A Lady Fair in a garden walkin' - Melody
A Loyal Protestant - Melody
A Man You Don't Meet Every Day
A Mother's Love is a Blessing - Melody
A Nation Once Again
A Pair of Brown Eyes
A Song for the Yeomen - Melody
A song I am going to sing to you / The Orange ABC - Melody
A song to the field, the well-fought field / Battle of the Diamond - Melody
A song to the lark, the merry, merry lark / The Orange Lark - Melody
A Trace Boy on Ligoniel Hill
A Úna bhán, is gránna an luighe sin ort / Úna bhán or Fair Una or Blond Agnes - Melody
Adieu! ye cheerful native plains - Melody
After the Battle - Melody
All Around My Hat - Melody
All For Me Grog - Melody
All the radio said was another shot dead / Billy Reid - Melody
All things bright and beautiful - Melody
All ye who Orange colors wear / An Advice to Orangemen - Melody
Alone, all alone, by the wave-washed strand / Slievenamon - Melody
Alone in crowds to wander on - Melody
Amhrán na bhFiann - Melody
An Advice to Orangemen - Melody
An Bhanaltra or The Nursemaid - Melody
An Cailín Gaelach - Melody
An Caiptín Máilleach - Melody
An Dórd Fianna
An Gunnadóir Mac Aoidh - Melody
An Irish boy was leaving / A Mother's Love is a Blessing - Melody
An Irishman's Epistle - Melody
An Maidrin Ruadh (The Little Red Fox) - Melody
An raibh tú ‘g Cill Ala / Mise ‘gus Tusa - Melody
An Spailpín Fánach - Melody
An tSean-Bhean Bhocht - Melody
An Ulster man I am proud to be / Henry Joy - Melody
And did you go to see the show / The Orange Lily O! - Melody
And do our Irish Protestants - Melody
And doth not a meeting like this make amends - Melody
And it's down in the Bogside / My Little Armalite - Melody
And who are you, me pretty fair maid / As I Roved Out One Morning - Melody
Ar an gceathrú lá fichead de mhí na Lúnasa / Na Francaigh Bhána - Melody
Arbutus - Melody
Are you a loyal Orangeman and worthy of the name / What are You? - Melody
Arise and Put On Your Clothes - Melody
Armored cars and tanks and guns / The Men Behind the Wire - Melody
Arranmore Boat Song, The - Melody
Arthur McBride - Melody
As a beam o'er the face of the waters may glow - Melody
As I roved out on a summer's morning / Youghal Harbour - Melody
As I rov'd out one ev'ning fair / The Dark-Eyed Sailor - Melody
As I Roved Out One Morning - Melody
As I roved out one mid summer morning / The Banks of the Sweet Primeroses - Melody
As I roved out one morning, all in the blooming spring / The Bonny Labouring Boy - Melody
As I roved out through Galway town / The Sporting Races of Galway - Melody
As I roved thro' the town to view the pretty lasses / The Piper's Tunes - Melody
As I walked out of Chester city / I'm a Darlin' - Melody
As I Walked Out on an evening so clear - Melody
As I was a-goin’ over Gilgarra Mountain / Gilgarra Mountain - Melody
As I was a-walkin' 'round Kilgary Mountain / Kilgary Mountain - Melody
As I was going over the far-famed Kerry Mountain / There's Whiskey in the Jar - Melody
As I was walking down the road / The Recruiting Sergeant - Melody
As I went out through Dublin City / The Spanish Lady - Melody
As I went out walking one morning in June / The Mantle so Green - Melody
As I'm sitting all alone in the gloaming / Bantry Bay - Melody
As once I roved out very early / The Maid with the Bonny Brown Hair - Melody
As slow our ship her foamy track - Melody
As vanquish'd Erin wept beside - Melody
At a cottage door one winters' night / Irish Soldier Boy - Melody
At Boolavogue as the sun was setting / Boolavogue - Melody
At the age of nineteen, I was ploughin' the land / Kerry Recruit - Melody
At the foot of Newry mountain clear water does flow / Grá Geal Mo Chroí - Melody
At the mid hour of night - Melody
At Twenty One I first begun - Melody
Avenging and bright fall the swift sword of Erin - Melody
Avondale - Melody


B'aite liom féin a bheith 'r thaoibh mhalaidh shléibhe / An Cailín Gaelach or The Irish Girl - Melody
Bachelor's Walk - Melody
Ballad of Bobby Sands, The - Melody
Ballad of Lindsey Mooney, The - Melody
Ballad of Long Kesh, The - Melody
Ballad of William Bloat - Melody
Ballinderry - Melody
Ballyshannon Lane, The - Melody
Banks of Banna, The - Melody
Banks of Sullane, The - Melody
Banks of the Bann, The - Melody
Banks of the Lee, The - Melody
Banks of the Roses, The - Melody
Banks of the Sweet Primeroses, The - Melody
Bantry Bay - Melody
Bantry Girls' Lament, The - Melody
Bard of Armagh - Melody
Barley Corn, The - Melody
Bás an Croipí - Melody
Battle of Garvagh, The - Melody
Battle of Granard, The - Melody
Battle of the Boyne, The - Melody
Battle of the Diamond - Melody
Battle of the Diamond, The (different) - Melody
Battle of the Diamond (yet a third!) - Melody
Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart - Melody
Before the Battle - Melody
Behold the crimson banner float / Derry's Deathless Story - Melody
Being on the 12th day of July / Dolly's Brae - Melody
Belfast Brigade - Melody
Believe me, if all those endearing young charms - Melody
Belles of Tipperary - Melody
Bendermeer's Stream - Melody
Bhí mé oíche taoibh 'stigh Fhéil' Bríde / Níon a' Bhaoilligh or O'Boyle's Daughter - Melody
Big Strong Man - Melody
Billy Boys, The - Melody
Billy Reid - Melody
Black and Tans - Melody
Black Horse, The - Melody
Black Velvet Band - Melody
Blackbird - Melody
Blarney Pilgrim - Melody
Blind Man He Could See, The - Melody
Blond Agnes - Melody
Bold Fenian Men - Melody
Bold O'Donahue - Melody
Bold Robert Emmet - Melody
Bold Tenant Farmer, The - Melody
Bold Turpin Hero is my name / Turpin Hero - Melody
Bonnie Bunch of Roses, The - Melody
Bonnie Kellswater - Melody
Bonnie Labouring Boy, The - Melody
Bonnie Woodgreen - Melody
Boolavogue - Melody
Boston City
Bottle of Punch - Melody
Boyne Water, The - Melody
Boys of Kilkenny, The - Melody
Boys of old Erin the Green, The - Melody
Boys of Tanderagee - Melody
Boys of the Old Brigade, The - Melody
Boys of Wexford, The - Melody
Brennan on the Moor - Melody
Brian Boru's March - Melody
Bridal Jig, The - Melody
Bridget Flynn - Melody
Bright Orange Banner, The - Melody
Brink of the White Rock or O'Carolan's Cup - Melody
Broad Black Brimmer, The - Melody
Bryan O'Linn was a gentleman born - Melody
Butterfly, The - Melody
By a lonely prison wall / The Fields of Athenry - Melody
By Killarney's Lakes and Fells / Killarney - Melody
By my faith but I think ye're all makers of bulls / An Irishman's Epistle - Melody
By that Lake, whose gloomy shore - Melody
By the blood of your fathers / Up, Orangemen Up! - Melody
By the Feal's wave benighted / Desmond's Song - Melody
By the hope within us springing / Before the Battle - Melody
By the margin of the ocean / The Bonnie Bunch of Roses - Melody

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