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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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Dagon Before the Ark - Melody
Daphne - Melody
Dalesman's Litany, The - Melody
Dance to your daddy - Melody
Dargason - Melody
Darkness overspreads us here / Salvation Drawing Nearer - Melody
Daughters of Zion, come, behold - Melody
David rejoiced in God his strength - Melody
David's Fall - Melody
D-Day Dodgers - Melody
Dear Land of Hope, thy hope is crowned / Land of Hope and Glory - Melody
Dear mother, how pretty / The New Moon - Melody
Death and the Lady - Melody
Death of General Wolfe, The - Melody
Death of Queen Jane, The - Melody
Death of Stephen, The - Melody
Deep in our hearts let us record - Melody
Derry Down - Melody
Desert Blues - Melody
Dido, Bendigo - Melody
Died For Love - Melody
Ding dong merrily on high - Melody
Dirty Old Town - Melody
Disciples at Sea, The - Melody
Dissembling Love - Melody
Dissenting Parson's Text Under the Quaker's Petticoats, The - Melody
Do ye ken John Peel with his coat so grey? / John Peel - Melody
Dogger Bank, The - Melody
Dominion Of The Sword, The - Melody
Doves Figary - Melody
Dowie Dens of Yarrow, The - Melody
Down by a crystal river side / The Battle of Almanza - Melody
Down in Sandbank fields, two sailors they were walking / Basket of Eggs - Melody
Down in Those Valleys Below - Melody
Downfall of the Distressed Jesuits, The - Melody
Drawn to the Cross, which Thou hast blest - Melody
Drink To Me Only, With Thine Eyes - Melody
Drive the Cold Winter Away - Melody
Dull Sir John - Melody
Dwelling in Mesech - Melody


Early, my God, without delay - Melody
Early One Morning - Melody
Earthly pleasures vainly call me / I Would Be Like Jesus - Melody
Easter flowers are blooming bright - Melody
Edward, Edward - Melody
Effort, The - Melody
Elijah's example declares / Elijah Fed By Ravens - Melody
Ellen Vannen Tragedy - Melody
Encouraged by thy word / The Beggar - Melody
Englands Woe - Melody
Enslaved by sin and bound in chains - Meldody
Ephesus - Melody
Ephraim Repenting - Melody
Ere God had built the mountains / Wisdom - Melody
Esau - Melody
Eternal Father, Strong to Save - Melody
Eternal Light! Eternal Light! - Melody
Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round - Melody
Every morning mercies new - Melody
Every star shall sing a carol - Melody
Excelsior - Melody
Exorcists, The - Melody


Faine I would if I could - Melody
Fair Fidelia, tempt no more / The Cavalier's Farewell To His Mistress, Being Called ToThe Wars - Melody
Fair Maid of Islington, The - Melody
Fairlop Fair Song - Melody
Faithfulness of God and His Promises, The - Melody
Faith's Review and Expectation - Melody
False Bride, The - Melody
Far as thy name is known - Melody
Farewell, my dearest Nancy / Banks of the Nile - Melody
Farewell to you, my own true love / The Leaving of Liverpool - Melody
Farmer's Boy, The - Melody
Farmer's Old Wife, The - Melody
Farmer's Son, The - Melody
Father, forgive the Saviour said / Father Forgive Them - Melody
Father Forgive Them - Melody
Father, how wide thy glories shine! - Melody
Father, I sing thy wondrous grace - Melody
Father, in whom we live - Melody
Father, let me dedicate - Melody
Father of glory, to Thy name - Melody
Father of heaven, whose love profound - Melody
Father of mercies, in Thy Word - Melody
Father, who the light this day - Melody
Fathom The Bowl - Melody
Fervent persevering prayers / Peter Released From Prison - Melody
Fierce passions discompose the mind / Contentment - Melody
Fight on, brave soldiers, for the cause / The Clean Contrary Way - Melody
Fine Companion - Melody
Firm was my health, my day was bright - Melody
Foolish Virgins, The - Melody
Fools in their heart believe and say - Melody
For all the saints who from their labors rest - Melody
For all Thy saints, O Lord - Melody
For mercies, countless as the sands / What Shall I Render - Melody
For Thy mercy and Thy grace - Melody
For ever shall my song record - Melody
Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I go - Melody
Forty days and forty nights - Melody
Forward! be our watchword - Melody
Free Parliament Litany, A - Melody
French Report, The - Melody
From all that dwell below the skies - Melody
From an extempore prayer and a godly ditty / The New Litany - Melody
From every stormy wind that blows - Melody
From Greenland's icy mountains - Melody
From Liverpool to 'Frisco a-rovin' I went / The Liverpool Judies - Melody
From pole to pole let others roam / The Lord Is My Portion - Melody
From Sheba a distant report / Queen of Sheba - Melody
Fryar and the Nun, The - Melody
Full merrily sings the cuckoo - Melody
Future Peace and Glory of the Church, The - Melody

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