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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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I am a jolly ploughboy / The Ploughboy - Melody
I am a jolly ploughboy / The Warwickshire R.H.A. - Melody
I Am, saith Christ our glorious head / The Resurrection and the Life - Melody
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus - Melody
I can sport as fine a trotting horse as any swell in town / The Trotting Horse - Melody
I come to charge ye that fight the clergy / A Caveat To The Roundheads - Melody
I Don't Want to Go to War - Melody
I don't want to join the Army - Melody
I gave My life for thee - Melody
I heard a sound of voices - Melody
I know that my Redeemer lives - Melody
I Know Where I'm Going - Melody
I left my home and I left my job / Poor Old Soldier / The Rogue's March - Melody
I Lift my soul to God - Melody
I love my King and country well - Melody
I loved no King since forty-one / The Turn-Coat - Melody
I mean to speak of Englands sad fate / Englands Woe - Melody
I met my love by the gas works wall / Dirty Old Town - Melody
I Saw Three Ships come sailing in - Melody
I Set the Lord before my face - Melody
I should like for to have in the winter of life / In The Winter Of Life - Melody
I sing th' almighty power of God - Melody
I sowed the seeds of love / Seeds of Love - Melody
I Thank You Twice - Melody
I vow to thee, my country - Melody
I waited patient for the Lord - Melody
I want to go home - Melody
I was broke and out of a job / Paddy Get Back - Melody
I went to my psychiatrist to be psychoanalyzed / Jolly Old Sigmund Freud - Melody
I will extol thee, Lord, on high - Melody
I Will praise thee every day / O Lord, I Will Praise Thee! - Melody
I Would Be Like Jesus - Melody
I would, but cannot sing / The Good That I Would I Do Not - Melody
Ich have house and land in Kent / Wooing Song of a Yeoman of Kent's Sonne - Melody
Idle Days in Summertime - Melody
If all the World were Paper - Melody
If I live to grow old, for I find I go down / The Old Man's Song - Melody
If none be offended with the scent / The Resurrection of the Rump - Melody
If Paul in Caesar's court must stand / Paul's Voyage - Melody
If Solomon for wisdom prayed / Ask What I Shall Give Thee - Melody
If the Lord our leader be / Jacob's Ladder - Melody
If you wake at midnight, and hear a horse's feet / The Smugglers Song - Melody
If you want to find the lance-jack / Hanging on the Old Barbed Wire - Melody
If you want to join a merchant ship / Lime Juice Ship - Melody
Ilkley Moor - Melody
I'll bless the Lord from day to day - Melody
I'll praise my Maker while I've breath - Melody
I'll sing you one, O / Green Grow the Rushes, O - Melody
I'll speak the honors of my King - Melody
I'm a north countrie-man, in Redesdale born / Jack and Tom - Melody
I'm but a stranger here - Melody
I'm going to get lit up / When the Lights Go Up In London - Melody
I'm just tired of seeing Eastern moons / Desert Blues - Melody
I'm Seventeen Come Sunday - Melody
Importunate Widow, The - Melody
In an old Australian homestead / Sulva Bay / Suda Bay - Melody
In anger, Lord, rebuke me not - Melody
In Bruton Town there lived a noble man / Bruton Town - Melody
In good King Charles's golden days / The Vicar of Bray - Melody
In His Temple now behold Him - Melody
In Judah God of old was known - Melody
In London town where I was born / Barbara Allen - Melody
In mercy, not in wrath, rebuke / Pleading For Mercy - Melody
In praise of a dairy I purpose to sing / The Praise of a Dairy - Melody
In Praise of Seafaring Men, in Hope of Good Fortune - Melody
In Praise of Christmas - Melody
In spring we sow the harvest mow / Ramble In The New Mown Hay - Melody
In the Cross of Christ I glory - Melody
In the merry month of June / The Haymaker's Song - Melody
In the name which earth and heaven - Melody
In the Parliament House, a great rout has been there / Lord Delaware - Melody
In The Winter Of Life - Melody
In those twelve days let us be glad / A New Dial - Melody
In vain my fancy strives to paint / On the Death of a Believer - Melody
Incarnate God! the soul that knows / The Believer's Safety - Melody
Inspirer and hearer of prayer - Melody
Inward Warfare, The - Melody
Irish Lady - Melody
Irish trot - Melody
I's a broken hearted keelman / Cushie Butterfield - Melody
Is This Thy Kindness to Thy Friend - Melody
Israel in ancient days / Old-Testament Gospel - Melody
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear - Melody
It fell upon the Martinmas time / Barring of the Door - Melody
It Was a Lover and his Lass - Melody
It was down in yonder meadow / British Man O' War - Melody
It was on the seventeenth by brake of day / Bunker Hill - Melody
It was one summer's morning, as I went o'er the moss / The Summer's Morning - Melody
It's coming down to Manchester / The Manchester Angel - Melody
It's hard when folks can't find their work / The Dalesman's Litany - Melody
It's in the evening, after dark / Blackleg Miner - Melody
It's Lamkin was a mason good / Lamkin - Melody
It's of a brisk and lively lad / The Brisk And Lively Lad - Melody
It's of a pretty shepherdess, kept sheep all on the plain / The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter - Melody
It's often I sat on my true love's knee / Sweet William - Melody
It's our time to go now / Sailors Farewell Hymn - Melody


Jack and Tom - Melody
Jack-o-Lent - Melody
Jacke Pudding's vagary - Melody
Jackie Brown - Melody
Jacob's Ladder - Melody
Jake has gone to wear the horn / Hal-An-Toe - Melody
Jehovah Our Righteousness - Melody
Jehovah-Jesus - Melody
Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord Will Provide - Melody
Jehovah-Nissi, the Lord my Banner - Melody
Jehovah-Rophi I am the Lord That Healeth Thee - Melody
Jehovah-Shalem, The Lord Send Peace - Melody
Jehovah-Shammah - Melody
Jenny pluck Pares - Melody
Jericho; or, The Waters Healed - Melody
Jerusalem - Melody
Jerusalem, my happy home - Melody
Jesus! and shall it ever be - Melody
Jesus came, the heavens adoring - Melody
Jesus Christ, the Lord's anointed / On One Stone Shall be Seven Eyes - Melody
Jesus, faithful to His word, shall with a shout descend - Melody
Jesus, Lord of life and glory - Melody
Jesus, Lover of my soul - Melody
Jesus loves me! this I know - Melody
Jesus, my great High Priest - Melody
Jesus, my Truth, my Way - Melody
Jesus! Name of wondrous love - Melody
Jesus shall reign wherever the sun - Melody
Jesus! the Name high over all - Melody
Jesus, the very thought of Thee - Melody
Jesus, Thine all victorious love - Melody
Jesus, Thou everlasting King - Melody
Jesus, Thy Church with longing eyes - Melody
Jesus, to what didst thou submit / The Woman of Samaria - Melody
Jesus, united by Thy grace - Melody
Jesus, where'er thy people meet / On Opening a Place For Social Prayer - Melody
Jesus, whose blood so freely streamed / Jehovah-Shalem, The Lord Send Peace - Melody
Joan of Arc, They're Calling You - Melody
Joan's Ale Was New - Melody
Jockey to the Fair - Melody
Jog on - Melody
John Dory - Melody
John in vision saw the day / The Great Tribunal - Melody
John Peel - Melody
Johnny Has Gone - Melody
Join all the glorious names - Melody
Jolly Old Sigmund Freud - Melody
Jolly Waggoner, The - Melody
Jolly Well Drunk - Melody
Jone O'Greenfield's Ramble - Melody
Joseph Made Known to His Brethren - Melody
Jovial Beggar, The - Melody
Jovial Hunter of Bromsgrove, The - Melody
Joy fills our inmost hearts to-day - Melody
Joy is a fruit that will not grow / The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength - Melody
Joy of the Lord is Your Strength, The - Melody
Joy to the world! the Lord is come - Melody
Jubilee, The - Melody
Judge eternal, throned in splendor - Melody
Judge me, O Lord, and prove my ways - Melody
Judges, who rule the world by laws - Melody
Jumping Through the Hole - Melody
Just are thy ways, and true thy word - Melody
Just as I am, without one plea - Melody

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