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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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Queen Jane O! Queen Jane O! What a lady was she / The Death of Queen Jane - Melody
Queen Jane was in travail / The Death of Queen Jane - Melody
Queen of Sheba - Melody
Quoth John to Joan, wilt thou have me? / The Clown's Courtship - Melody


Rakes of Mallow, The - Melody
Ramble In The New Mown Hay - Melody
Rebel's Surrender to Grace, Lord, What Wilt Thou Have Me to Do? - Melody
Rebellion and Tyranny Revived - Melody
Rebellion hath broken up house / The Sale Of Rebellion's House-Hold Stuff - Melody
Recruited Collier, The - Melody
Redeemed, restored, forgiven - Melody
Refuge, River, and Rock of the Church, The - Melody
Rejoice, rejoice, ye Cavaliers / Upon The General Pardon Passed By The Rump - Melody
Rejoice, the Lord is King! - Melody
Rejoice, ye pure in heart - Melody
Rejoice, ye righteous, in the Lord - Melody
Remember, Lord, our mortal state - Melody
Remember us poor Mayers all! / The Hitchin May Day Song - Melody
Resurrection and the Life, The - Melody
Resurrection of the Rump, The - Melody
Return, O God of love, return - Melody
Return, O wanderer, return - Melody
Rich Man and Lazarus, The - Melody
Richies Lady - Melody
Ring out the old, ring in the new - Melody
Rise, crowned with light, imperial Salem, rise! - Melody
Roast Beef of old England - Melody
Robin Hood and the Tanner - Melody
Rock of Ages, cleft for me - Melody
Rocking the Cradle - Melody
Rogue's March, The - Melody
Rolling Home - Melody
Rose is red, and Rose is white - Melody
Round me falls the night - Melody
Roundhead, The - Melody
Row well ye Marriners - Melody
Royal Feast, The - Melody
Royal Oak - Melody
Royalist, The - Melody
Royalist's Resolve, The - Melody
Rufty, tufty - Melody
Rule Britannia - Melody
Ruler's Daughter Raised, The - Melody
Run Rabbit Run - Melody
Rural Dance About the May-Pole - Melody


Safely through another week / Saturday Evening - Melody
Sailing over the Dogger Bank / The Dogger Bank - Melody
Sailors Farewell Hymn - Melody
Saint Turned Sinner, The - Melody
Saints Martins - Melody
Sale Of Rebellion's House-Hold Stuff, The - Melody
Salvation Drawing Nearer - Melody
Salvation is for ever nigh - Melody
Sampson's Lion - Melody
Saraband - Melody
Sardis - Melody
Satan Returning - Melody
Saturday Evening - Melody
Saturday Night and Sunday Morne - Melody
Saul's Armor - Melody
Save me, O God, the swelling floods - Melody
Save me, O Lord, from every foe - Melody
Saviour, again to Thy dear name we raise - Melody
Saviour, blessed Saviour - Melody
Saviour, breathe an evening blessing - Melody
Saviour shine and cheer my soul / The Change - Melody
Saviour, when in dust to Thee - Melody
Saviour, when night involves the skies - Melody
Saw you the State's money new come from the Mint? / The State's New Coin - Melody
Says Jone to his wife, on a hot summer's day / Jone O'Greenfield's Ramble - Melody
Scarborough Fair - Melody
Scotch Cap - Melody
Seasons, The - Melody
Second Part of St. George for England, The - Melody
Sedany - Melody
See Aaron, God's anointed priest / The True Aaron - Melody
See, the Conqueror mounts in triumph - Melody
See! the corn again in ear! / Harvest - Melody
See the gloomy gath'ring cloud / The Hiding Place - Melody
Seeds of Love - Melody
Sellenger's Round - Melody
She left her father's castle gate / Gypsy Rover - Melody
Shepheards Holyday - Melody
Shepherd Of The Downs - Melody
Shepherds are the cleverest lads / Stormy Winds - Melody
Shine, mighty God, on Britain shine - Melody
Show pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive - Melody
Simon, beware! the Saviour said / The Believer's Danger, Safety, and Duty - Melody
Simphony, The - Melody
Since it must be so then so let it go / The New Courtier - Melody
Sinful, sighing to be blest - Melody
Sing, all ye nations, to the Lord - Melody
Sing Me to Sleep where bullets fall - Melody
Sing, O sing, this blessed morn - Melody
Sing to the Lord aloud - Melody
Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands - Melody
Sir Arthur and Charming Mollee - Melody
Sir Richard Grenville's Farewell - Melody
Skellamfago - Melody
Slip, The - Melody
Small Bird Or Two, A - Melody
Smugglers Song, The - Melody
Smyrna - Melody
Snaefell Tynwald, Ben-my-Chree / Ellen Vannen Tragedy - Melody
So let our lips and lives express - Melody
Sod 'em all - Melody
Softly now the light of day - Melody
Soldiers of Christ, arise - Melody
Soldiers of the Cross, arise - Melody
Some talk of Alexander, and some of Hercules / The British Grenadiers - Melody
Somersetshire Hunting Song - Melody
Son of God! thy people's shield / Prayer for the Lord's Promised Presence - Melody
Songs of praise the angels sang - Melody
Songs of thankfulness and praise - Melody
Soon as I heard my Father say - Melody
Souldiers Life - Melody
Sovereign grace has pow'r alone / The Two Malefactors - Melody
Sower, The - Melody
Spanish Jepsies - Melody
Spanyard - Melody
Spirit Divine, attend our prayers - Melody
Sprig of Thyme, The - Melody
Squire of Tamworth, The - Melody
Staines Morris - Melody
Stand to your glasses - Melody
State's New Coin, The - Melody
Step Stately - Melody
Stingo - Melody
Stormy Weather Boys - Melody
Stormy Winds - Melody
Strange and mysterious is my life / The Inward Warfare - Melody
Streets Of London, The - Melody
Strong Son of God, immortal love - Melody
Suda Bay - Melody
Suffolk Harvest-home Song - Melody
Sulva Bay - Melody
Summer's Morning, The - Melody
Sun of my soul, Thou Savior dear - Melody
Sunset and evening star / Crossing the Bar - Melody
Supported by the word / The Power and Triumph of Faith - Melody
Sure there's a righteous God - Melody
Sweet is the work, my God, my King - Melody
Sweet Nelly! my heart's delight! / The Farmer's Son - Melody
Sweet Nightingale, The - Melody
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing - Melody
Sweet was the time when first I felt / Oh That I Were As In Months Past! - Melody
Sweet William - Melody
Sword-Dancers' Song, The - Melody

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