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Ballads, Cavalier Ballads, Ditties, Folksongs, Hymns and Jigs of England

Sorted by first line of lyric AND title. All titles are in italics.

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Balaam's Wish - Melody
Balena, The - Melody
Ballad of Richard III - Melody
Bane ta Claapam town-gate lived an ond Yorkshire tike / The Yorkshire Horse Dealer - Melody
Banks of Allan Water - Melody
Banks of the Nile - Melody
Barbara Allen - Melody
Barley-Mow Song, The - Melody
Barren Fig-Tree, The - Melody
Barring of the Door - Melody
Bartimaeus - Melody
Basket of Eggs - Melody
Bath, The - Melody
Battle of Almanza, The - Melody
Battle of Worcester - Melody
Bay of Biscay, Oh!, The - Melody
Beauing, belleing, dancing, drinking / The Rakes of Mallow - Melody
Before Elisha's gate / Naaman - Melody
Before Jehovah's awful throne - Melody
Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme / The Faithfulness of God and His Promises - Melody
Beggar Boy - Melody
Beggar, The - Melody
Begone, dull care! - Melody
Behold a Stranger at the door! - Melody
Behold the amazing gift of love - Melody
Behold the glories of the Lamb - Melody
Behold the Lamb of God! - Melody
Behold, the lofty sky - Melody
Behold the love, the gen'rous love - Melody
Behold, the morning sun - Melody
Behold the Saviour of mankind - Melody
Behold the sure Foundation-stone - Melody
Behold the throne of grace! / Ask What I Shall Give Thee - Melody
Behold us, Lord, a little space - Melody
Believer's Danger, Safety, and Duty, The - Melody
Believer's Safety, The - Melody
Believer's Safety, The - Melody
Belshazzar - Melody
Beneath the tyrant Satan's yoke / We Were Pharaoh's Bondmen - Melody
Beside the gospel pool / The Pool of Bethesda - Melody
Bestow, dear Lord, upon our youth / Prayer For a Blessing - Melody
Bitter, indeed, the waters are / The Bitter Waters - Melody
Bitter Waters, The - Melody
Blackleg Miner - Melody
Blasted fig-tree, The - Melody
Bless, O my soul! the living God - Melody
Bless 'Em All - Melody
Bless 'em All the long and the short and the tall - Melody
Blessed are the sons of God - Melody
Blessed Saviour, who hast taught me - Melody
Blest are the moments, doubly blest - Melody
Blest are the souls that hear and know - Melody
Blest be the tie that binds - Melody
Blest is the man, forever blest - Melody
Blest is the man who shuns the place - Melody
Blest is the man whose bowels move - Melody
Blest is the nation where the Lord - Melody
Blew Cap - Melody
Blow Away The Morning Dew - Melody
Blow the Candles Out - Melody
Blow the Wind Southerly - Melody
Blow the Winds, I-Ho! - Melody
Boar's Head Carol - Melody
Boateman - Melody
Bobbing Joe - Melody
Bobby Shaftoe's gone to sea - Melody
Bold Arder went forth one summer morning / Robin Hood and the Tanner - Melody
Bold Dighton - Melody
Book of Creation, The - Melody
Borrowed Axe, The - Melody
Botany Bay - Melody
Both sexes give ear to my fancy / Old Adam - Melody
Bowes Tragedy, The - Melody
Brave Earl Brand and the King of England's Daughter, The - Melody
Brave English Boys now rejoyce and be merry / A Third Touch of the Times - Melody
Breast the wave, Christian - Melody
Brightest and best of the sons of the morning - Melody
Brisk And Lively Lad, The - Melody
British Grenadiers, The - Melody
British Man O' War - Melody
British Soldier's Discharge Song - Melody
Broome - Melody
Browned Off - Melody
Bruton Town - Melody
Bunker Hill - Melody
Burton Ale - Melody
But One Loaf - Melody
Buttercup Joe - Melody
By faith in Christ I walk with God / Walking with God - Melody
By the Banks of Allan Water / Banks of Allan Water - Melody
By the poor widow's oil and meal / The Meal and Cruse of Oil - Melody
By various maxims, forms and rules / Looking Unto Jesus - Melody
By whom was David taught / Jehovah-Nissi, the Lord my Banner - Melody


Cadgwith Anthem - Melody
Cain and Abel - Melody
Calm on the Listening Ear of Night - Melody
Cameronian Cat, The - Melody
Canary's Coronation - Melody
Caper and Ferk It - Melody
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship - Melody
Carrion Crow, The - Melody
Castbella - Melody
Catch, A - Melody
Cavalier, The - Melody
Cavalier's Farewell To His Mistress, Being Called ToThe Wars - Melody
Caveat To The Roundheads, A - Melody
Change, The - Melody
Charge of the Light Brigade, The - Melody
Cheare up, kind countrymen, be not dismay'd / The Parliament Routed, Or Here's A House To Be Let - Melody
Cherrily and Merrily - Melody
Cherry Ripe - Melody
Cherry Tree Carol - Melody
Chestnut - Melody
Children, in years and knowledge young - Melody
Children of the heavenly King - Melody
Chirping of the Larke - Melody
Chirping of the Nightengale - Melody
Christ a Redeemer and Friend - Melody
Christ, by heavenly host adored - Melody
Christ hath a garden - Melody
Christ the Lord is risen today - Melody
Christ, whose glory fills the skies - Melody
Christians, awake, salute the happy morn - Melody
Christmas Tree, The - Melody
Cities Loyaltie To The King, The - Melody
City Courting Their Own Ruin, The - Melody
Clean Contrary Way, The - Melody
Clown's Courtship, The - Melody
Cock Robin - Melody
Cockies of Bungaree, The - Melody
Cold and Haily Night - Melody
Colonel Venne's Encouragement To His Soldiers - Melody
Come all brother tradesmen who travel along / Hard Times of Old England - Melody
Come all ye jolly sailors brave / The Amphitrite - Melody
Come all ye seamen bold, and draw near / Admiral Benbow - Melody
Come all ye worthy Christians - Melody
Come all ye young men all, let this delight you / The Death of General Wolfe - Melody
Come all ye young men of learning / Botany Bay - Melody
Come all you bold heroes; give ear to my song / Fathom The Bowl - Melody
Come all you bold heroes that plough the rough main / Bold Dighton - Melody
Come all you jolly fellows and join us in song / A Drink For Each Song - Melody
Come, all you jolly ploughmen, of courage stout and bold / The Painful Plough - Melody
Come all you lads and lasses, I'd have you give attention / The Seasons - Melody
Come all you tender girls / The Sprig of Thyme - Melody
Come all you warlike seamen / Warlike Seamen - Melody
Come and do not musing stand / The Little Barly-Corne - Melody
Come, boys, fill us a bumper / The Courtier's Health or The Merry Boys Of The Times - Melody
Come cheer up my lads / Heart of Oak - Melody
Come, children, learn to fear the Lord - Melody
Come, come, let us drink / The Trouper - Melody
Come, come, my boys, with a hearty glee / Fairlop Fair Song - Melody
Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell - Melody
Come, drawer, some wine / The Royalist's Resolve - Melody
Come fill up your glasses and let us be merry / Cadgwith Anthem - Melody
Come, follow, follow me! / The Three Merry Coblers - Melody
Come, gentlemen all and I'll sing you a song / Avington Pond - Melody
Come, Holy Spirit, Come! - Melody
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove - Melody
Come, lasses and lads, take leave of your dads / The Maypole - Melody
Come, let us join our cheerful songs - Melody
Come, let us join our friends above - Melody
Come let's drink, the time invites / A New Droll - Melody
Come, let's purge our brains from ale and grains / Canary's Coronation - Melody
Come, my soul, thy suit prepare / Ask What I Shall Give Thee - Melody
Come pass about the bowl to me / The Royalist - Melody
Come, Roger and Nell / Harvest Home - Melody
Come, sound His praise abroad - Melody
Come, Thou almighty King - Melody
Come, thou long-expected Jesus - Melody
Come to our poor nature's night - Melody
Come unto Me, ye weary - Melody
Come, we that love the Lord - Melody
Come write me down ye powers above / The Wedding Song - Melody
Come, ye thankful people, come - Melody
Come your ways, Bonny boys / The Commoners - Melody
Commoners, The - Melody
Confesse his Tune - Melody
Constrained by their Lord to embark / The Disciples at Sea - Melody
Contentment - Melody
Contrite Heart, The - Melody
Cornish Midsummer Bonfire Song - Melody
Cornish Wassail - Melody
Coronation Day, The - Melody
Could the creatures help or ease us / The Ruler's Daughter Raised - Melody
Country Coll - Melody
Country Farmer's Vain Glory, The - Melody
Country Gardens - Melody
Courtier's Health, The - Melody
Covenant, The - Melody
Coventry Carol - Melody
Crafty Lover, The - Melody
Craven Churn-Supper Song, The - Melody
Creatures in the Lord's Hands, The - Melody
Crossing the Bar - Melody
Crown Him with many crowns - Melody
Cruel War, The - Melody
Cuckolds all a row - Melody
Cuckoo, The - Melody
Cushie Butterfield - Melody

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