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Gallant Weaver, The - Melody
Gallowa' Hills, The - Melody
Gane is the day, and mirk's the night / Gudewife, Count The Lawin - Melody
Gard'ner Wi' His Paidle, The - Melody
Gat ye me, O gat ye me / The Lass O' Ecclefechan - Melody
Gay Goshawk - Melody
Geordie - Melody
Generous Lassie, The - Melody
Gie My Love Brose - Melody
Gie the Lass Her Fairing - Melody
Gilderoy - Melody
Gin a body meet a body / Comin' Thro' The Rye - Melody
Glendaurel Highlander, The - Melody
Glenlogie - Melody
Glenwhorple Hielanders - Melody
Gloomy Night - Melody
Gloomy winter's now awa' - Melody
Glory be to God the Father - Melody
Go fetch to me a pint o wine / The Silver Tassie or My Bonie Mary - Melody
Go, labor on: spend, and be spent - Melody
Go On, Sweet Bird, And Sooth My Care - Melody
Go to dark Gethsemane - Melody
Going Home - Melody
Gordon Of Brackleyn - Melody
Gowden Locks Of Anna, The - Melody
Great Master, touch us with Thy skillful hands - Melody
Great Silkie, The - Melody
Green Grow The Rashes, O - Melody
Green Hills of Tyrol, The - Melody
Green Inismore - Melody
Green Sleeves and tartan ties - Melody
Gruel - Melody
Gude Ale Keeps The Heart Aboon - Melody
Gudewife, Count The Lawin - Melody
Gudwife when your gudeman's frae hame / Wad Ye Do That? - Melody


Had I a cave on some wild distant shore - Melody
Had I the wyte, had I the wyte - Melody
Hallelujah for the Cross! - Melody
Handsome Nell - Melody
Hark! 'tis the poor maniac's song / The Maniac's Song - Melody
Hark when the night is falling / Scotland the Brave - Melody
Harvest Home - Melody
Haughs o' Cromdale, The - Melody
He has come, the Christ of God - Melody
He till't and she till't - Melody
Hector the Hero - Melody
Hee balou, my sweet wee Donald / The Highland Balou - Melody
Heel y'ho boys, let her go, boys / Mingulay Boat Song - Melody
Heir Of Lynne, The - Melody
Hen's March - Melody
Her daddie forbad, her minnie forbad / Jumpin' John - Melody
Here awa, there awa, wandering Willie / Wandering Willie - Melody
Here is the glen, and here the bower / The Flowery Banks Of Cree - Melody
Here, O my Lord, I see Thee face to face - Melody
Here's a health to ane I loe dear - Melody
Here's a health to the jolly blacksmith / Twanky Dillo - Melody
Here's a health to them that's awa - Melody
Here's His Health In Water - Melody
Here's to thy health, my bonie lass - Melody
Hey Ca' Thro' - Melody
Hey, the dusty miller / The Dusty Miller - Melody
Hey Tuti Tatey - Melody
High Road to Gareloch, The - Melody
High upon the Hielands and laigh upon the Tay / Bonnie George Campbell - Melody
Hieland Laddie, The - Melody
High Road to Linton, The - Melody
Highland Balou, The - Melody
Highland Cathedral - Melody
Highland Harry Back Again - Melody
Highland Lad My Love Was Born, A - Melody
Highland Mary - Melody
Highland Troop - Melody
Highland Wedding, The - Melody
Highland Whiskey - Melody
Highlander's Invitation, The - Melody
Ho Ro My Nut Brown Maiden / The Blue Bells of Scotland - Melody
Hoo can I keep my maidenheid - Melody
How blithe each morn was I tae see / Broom of the Cowdenknowes - Melody
How can my poor heart be glad / On The Seas And Far Away - Melody
How cruel are the Parents - Melody
How lang and drearie is the night - Melody
How light is my heart as I journey along / Green Inismore - Melody
How pleasant the banks of the clear winding Devon / The Banks Of The Devon - Melody
Hugh the Graeme - Melody
Hundred Pipers, The - Melody
Hurrah! Hurrah! We are the Billy Boys / We are the Billy Boys - Melody
Husband, husband, cease your strife / My Spouse Nancy - Melody


I Ainse Loved a Lass and I loved her sae well - Melody
I am a weaver, a Carlton weaver / Nancy Whiskey - Melody
I am as poor a distressed maid / The Banks of Sweet Loch Ray - Melody
I am gaing awa, Jeanie / Duke of Athol - Melody
I Belong to Glasgow - Melody
I bought a wife in Edinburgh for a bawbee / Jenny Lass - Melody
I climb the mountain and scan the ocean / Fear A' Bhàta - Melody
I coft a stane o' haslock woo' / The Cardin O't, The Spinnin O't - Melody
I come to hevin which to tell / Balulalow - Melody
I Do confess thou art sae fair - Melody
I dream'd I lay where flowers were springing - Melody
I dreamed a dream the other night / Lowlands - Melody
I gaed a waefu' gate yestreen - Melody
I gaed up to Dunse / Robin Shure in Hairst - Melody
I Hae Been At Crookieden - Melody
I Hae a wife of my ain - Melody
I have heard the mavis singing / Mary of Argyll - Melody
I heard the voice of Jesus say - Melody
I just got in from the Isle of Skye / Donald, Where's Your Trousers? - Melody
I lay my sins on Jesus / The Fulness of Jesus - Melody
I Love My Love in Secret - Melody
I mark'd a gem of pearly dew - Melody
I maun hae a wife, whatsoe'er she be - Melody
I murder hate by flood or field - Melody
I rede you beware o' the ripples, young man - Melody
I Reign In Jeanie's Bosom - Melody
I see the crowd in Pilate's hall - Melody
I sing of a Whistle, a Whistle of worth - Melody
I went to the mill, but the miller was gone / Dickie Macphalion - Melody
If He be a Butcher Neat and Trim - Melody
If I had another penny / Byker Hill - Melody
I'll aye ca' in by yon town - Melody
I'll hie me to the shieling hill - Melody
I'll lay thee o'er the lea-rig / My Ain Kind Deary - Melody
I'll Make Ye Be Fain to Follow Me - Melody
I'll Meet Thee On The Lea Rig - Melody
I'll take my plaidie contented to be / The Gallowa' Hills - Melody
I'm o'er young, I'm o'er young / I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet - Melody
I'm wearin' awa', John / Land o' the Leal - Melody
In comin by the brig o' Dye / Theniel Menzie's Bonie Mary - Melody
In Scotland I was born and bred / Barbara Ellen - Melody
In simmer when the hay was mawn / Country Lassie - Melody
In The Character Of A Ruined Farmer - Melody
In the hour of trial - Melody
Inconstancy In Love - Melody
Inverness Gathering, The - Melody
Irish Farmer, The - Melody
Is there, for honest poverty / For A' That - Melody
Isle of Skye - Melody
It fell about the Lammas tide / Battle Of Otterbourne - Melody
It fell on a day, and a bonnie summer day / The Bonnie House O' Airly - Melody
It fell about the Martinmas / Edom O' Gordon - Melody
It fell about the Martinmas tyde / Jamie Telfer - Melody
It happened at last Witsunday / Sleepytoon - Melody
It is na, Jean, thy bonie face - Melody
It was a' for our rightfu' King - Melody
It was down in Woolwich / Bonnet o' Blue - Melody
It was in sweet Senegal that my foes did me enthral / The Slave's Lament - Melody
It was the charming month of May / The Charming Month Of May - Melody
It was upon a Lammas night / The Rigs O' Barley - Melody
It's narrow, narrow, make your bed / Fair Annie - Melody
Ithers seek they ken na what / Love For Love - Melody
I've been wi' a couple o' cronies /I Belong to Glasgow - Melody
I've heard them liltin', at the ewe milkin' / The Flowers of the Forest - Melody
I've seen lots of bonnie lassies travellin' far and wide / Roamin' in the Gloamin' - Melody

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