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American Folksongs / Volkslieder aus den Vereinigten Staaten


Folksongs, Hymns and Spirituals of America
Sorted by first line of lyric AND title, with title in italics.

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Wabash Cannonball - Melody
Wage Workers, Come Join the Union - Melody
Wait For the Wagon - Melody
Wake Nicodemus - Melody
Walking Once Grass - Melody
Waltz Across Texas - Melody
Was glänzt dort von Vermont / Lincoln's wilde, schwarz-republikanische Jagd - Melody
Was My Brother in the Battle? - Melody
Way Down in Ca-i-ro - Melody
Way down in old Varginni / We'll Fight For Uncle Abe - Melody
Way down South in the Cotton Land - Melody
Way down upon the Swanee River, far, far away / Old Folks At Home - Melody
We all went down to New Orleans / For Bales - Melody
We are a band of brothers / Bonnie Blue Flag - Melody
We are a band of brothers from home / Texas Ranger War Song - Melody
We are coming, Father Abr'am - Melody
We Are Marching On To Richmond - Melody
We are marching to the field, boys, /Battle Cry of Freedom, The (Southern) - Melody
We are tossed and driven / We'll Understand it Better By and By - Melody
We arm by thousands strong / The Northern Volunteers - Melody
We ask not that the slave should lie / The Abolitionist Hymn - Melody
We bear the strains of earthly care - Melody
We broke the yoke of a pitiless class / Liberty Forever - Melody
We Come - Melody
We Conquer or Die - Melody
We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee / Okie From Muskogee - Melody
We Have a Sure Prophetic Word - Melody
We have come from the brave Southwest / Battle Song of the Black Horsemen - Melody
We have seen the reaper toiling / Wage Workers, Come Join the Union - Melody
We live in hard and stirring times / That's What's the Matter - Melody
We may not climb the heavenly steeps - Melody
We parted with a cheerful smile / The Soldier's Return - Melody
We roamed the fields and river sides / The Merry, Merry Month of May - Melody
We shall meet, but we shall miss him / The Vacant Chair - Melody
We want all the workers in the world to organize / What We Want - Melody
We were forty miles from Albany / The Erie Canal - Melody
We were waltzin' that night in Kentucky / Kentucky Waltz - Melody
We will sing one song of the meek and humble slave - Melody
We Won't Go Home Till Morning - Melody
Weep all ye little rains / The Colorado Trail - Melody
Weeping, Sad and Lonely - Melody
We'll Fight For Uncle Abe - Melody
We'll put for de souf ah! dat's the place / Away Down Souf - Melody
We'll Understand it Better By and By - Melody
Well, they handed him his orders in Monroe, Virginia / The Wreck of Old 97 - Melody
We're anchored by the roadside, Jim / The Old Whiskey Jug - Melody
We're going down to Cuba, boys / Marching to Cuba - Melody
We're Ready - Melody
We're spending billions every year / Should I Ever be a Soldier - Melody
We're tenting tonight on the old campground / Tenting On the Old Campground - Melody
We've a Million in the Field - Melody
What must a Fairy's dream be - Melody
What the Deuce Do We Care - Melody
What We Want - Melody
What's in a name? said Shakespeare / A Ring To The Name Of Rose - Melody
When day breaks forth on the dewy lawn / The Hour For Thee and Me - Melody
When de cannon balls a singin' / Sittin' in de Cotton - Melody
When Francis Dances With Me - Melody
When I enlisted in the army / Down in Charleston Jail - Melody
When I Saw Sweet Nelly Home - Melody
When I was a little bitty baby / Cotton Fields Back Home - Melody
When I was hiking 'round the town / Stung Right - Melody
When Israel was in Egypt's land / Go Down, Moses - Melody
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again - Melody
When, marshaled on the nightly plain - Melody
When old friends were here - Melody
When Rebellion first made its appearance / New-York 12th Regiment - Melody
When Sherman Marched Down to the Sea - Melody
When the blackbird in the spring / Aura Lea - Melody
When the dark cloud of rebellion / Dove of Peace - Melody
When the Midnight Choo-Choo Leaves for Alabam' - Melody
When the Saints Go Marching In - Melody
When the twilight shades fall other me / The Voices that are Gone - Melody
When the Union's inspiration / Solidarity Forever - Melody
When the wintry winds are blowing / California, Here I Come - Melody
When This Dreadful War Is Ended - Melody
When Uncle Sam, he first set out / Song of 1857 - Melody
When we waltz together, my world's in disguise / Waltz Across Texas - Melody
When You and I Were Young Maggie - Melody
Where Has Lulu Gone? - Melody
Where Is My Mama - Melody
Where is the spirit, Mary? - Melody
Where the Fraser River Flows - Melody
Where, where, where, and where / The Why And The Wherefore - Melody
Whether we wear red or yellow collars / Citizen Song - Melody
While I relate my story / American Taxation - Melody
While in their sunny bowers / Lily Ray - Melody
While shepherds kept their watching / Go Tell It On the Mountain - Melody
While the flow'rs bloom in gladness / I See Her Still in My Dreams - Melody
Whip-Poor-Will's Song, The - Melody
Whispering Hope - Melody
White folks, I'll sing for you / My Brudder Gum - Melody
White House Chair, The - Melody
White Slave, The - Melody
White Wings - Melody
Who shall rule this American nation? - Melody
Who Will Care for Micky Now? - Melody
Who Will Care For Mother Now? - Melody
Who's Sorry Now - Melody
Who's that coming down the street? / Yes, Sir, That's My Baby - Melody
Why am I so weak and weary? / Who Will Care For Mother Now? - Melody
Why, No One to Love? - Melody
Why And The Wherefore, The - Melody
Why has thy merry face / Laura Lee - Melody
Why is your forehead furrowed with care? / Call Me Not Back from the Echoless Shore - Melody
Why should vain mortals tremble at the sight / The American Hero - Melody
Wife, The - Melody
Wilkes Booth came to Washington / Booth Killed Lincoln - Melody
Will you come with me, my Phyllis dear / Wait For the Wagon - Melody
Willie Earl met a sweet young girl / And He'd Say Oo-La La! Wee-Wee - Melody
Willie Has Gone to the War - Melody
Willie My Brave - Melody
Willie We Have Missed You - Melody
Wilt Thou Be Gone, Love? - Melody
Wir kommen, Onkel Abraham / Der Sklaven-Ruf an Lincoln - Melody
Wisconsin Forward Forever - Melody
With a heart forsaken I wander / Lula Is Gone - Melody
With humble heart and drooping brow / Hymn For the National Funeral - Melody
Within the sound of the enemy's guns - Melody
Won't you come home, Bill Bailey - Melody
Won'tcha come along with me / Basin Street Blues - Melody
Wooden Breast Bone - Melody
Woodman! Spare that Tree! - Melody
Workers' Battle Cry for Freedom, The - Melody
Workers' Marseillaise, The - Melody
Workers of the world, awaken! - Melody
Workers of the World, Unite - Melody
Workers, the World! / We Come - Melody
Workingman, Unite! - Melody
Would you have freedom from wage slavery / There Is Power in a Union - Melody
Would you like to hear my song? I'm afraid it's rather long / Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel - Melody
Wreck of Old 97, The - Melody
Wreck of the Maine, The - Melody
Write a Letter to My Mother - Melody


Yankee Doodle - Melody
Yankee Man-of-War, The - Melody
Ye brave honest subjects who dare to be loyal / The Rebels - Melody
Ye defenders of the Union / Song For the Union Soldiers - Melody
Ye seamen and ye landsmen all / Loss of the U.S. Sloop of War Hornet!!! - Melody
Ye sons of Carolina! awake from your dreaming! / North Carolina A Call to Arms!!! - Melody
Ye sons of toil, awake to glory! / The Workers' Marseillaise - Melody
Ye Tories all rejoice and sing / The Congress - Melody
Years I spent in vanity and pride / At Calvary - Melody
Yellow Rose of Texas, The - Melody
Yes, Sir, That's My Baby - Melody
Yes! We Have No Bananas - Melody
Yes, we'll rally from the mines, boys / The Workers' Battle Cry for Freedom - Melody
Yes, we'll rally round the flag, boys / The Battle Cry of Freedom - Melody
You ask me why I'm always teasing you / Pretty Baby - Melody
You can take a Silver Dollar - Melody
You may ramble 'round the country anywhere you will / Scissor Bill - Melody
You smiled when we parted / Who's Sorry Now - Melody
You Tell Me Your Dreams, I'll Tell You Mine - Melody
Young Johnnie Steele has an Oldsmobile / In My Merry Oldsmobile - Melody
Young Volunteer, The - Melody
Young Voyageur, The - Melody
You're A Grand Old Flag - Melody
You're in the Army Now - Melody

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