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American Folksongs / Volkslieder aus den Vereinigten Staaten


Folksongs, Hymns and Spirituals of America
Sorted by first line of lyric AND title, with title in italics.

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R4D Cannonball Express, The - Melody
Raise me in your arms, my brother / Write a Letter to My Mother - Melody
Range of the Buffalo, The - Melody
Rebel Girl, The - Melody
Rebel Raid in Pennslyvania - Melody
Rebels, The - Melody
Rebel's Retort, The - Melody
Red River Valley, The - Melody
Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it! - Melody
Rest, noble Martyr! rest in peace / Funeral Hymn - Melody
Return From Camp - Melody
Reuben James - Melody
Reuben James, in my song you'll live again - Melody
Reuben and Rachel - Melody
Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking / Reuben and Rachel - Melody
Reuben, Reuben, I've been thinking / How 'ya Gonna Keep'em Down on the Farm (After They've Seen Paree?) - Melody
Revolutionary Tea - Melody
Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel - Melody
Richmond's European Vision - Melody
Riding a Raid - Melody
Rights of Woman - Melody
Ring De Banjo - Melody
Road to Emancipation, The - Melody
Rocked in the cradle of the deep - Melody
Roll, Jordan, Roll - Melody
Root Abe, or Die - Melody
Root, Hog, or Die - Melody
Root Hog or Die (anti-English) - Melody
Root Hog, or Die (Southern version) - Melody
Roses of Picardy - Melody
Rosy cheeks and turn'd up nose / Baby Face - Melody
Roth, Weiß, und Blau - Melody
'Round and 'round the cobbler's bench / Pop Goes the Weasel - Melody
Round de meadows am a-ringing / Massa's In De Cold Ground - Melody
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Melody


Sadly to mine heart appealing - Melody
Said Beauregard, to Lee, and Jeff / Call 'Em Names, Jeff - Melody
Said Pat to his mother, It seems strange to see / Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade - Melody
Sail! home, as straight as an arrow / White Wings - Melody
Saints of God, the dawn is bright'ning - Melody
Santa Anna's Retreat - Melody
Saucy Kate - Melody
Save the Union - Melody
Savior, I follow on - Melody
Savior, sprinkle many nations - Melody
Savior, Thy dying love - Melody
Savior, who Thy flock art feeding - Melody
Scarlet Ribbons - Melody
Scissor Bill - Melody
Sea Lion Woman - Melody
See, see my playmate / Playmate - Melody
See [the] Lyin' Woman - Melody
Send Thou, O Lord, to every place - Melody
Shall we gather at the river - Melody
She is watching by the poplars / Roses of Picardy - Melody
She Lyin' Woman - Melody
She Was All the World to Me - Melody
She'll be coming 'round the mountain / Coming 'round the Mountain - Melody
Shenandoah Waltz - Melody
Sherman's March to the Sea - Melody
Shew! Fly, Don't Bother Me - Melody
Shine On Harvest Moon - Melody
Short'nin Bread - Melody
Should I Ever be a Soldier - Melody
Shout the glad tidings, exultingly sing - Melody
Shut de Do', keep out de debbil - Melody
Silver Threads Among the Gold - Melody
Sing a song in praise of toiling masses / It is the Union - Melody
Sion, the marvelous story be telling - Melody
Sister Carrie my dear / The Compromise Song - Melody
Sittin' in de Cotton - Melody
Sitting by the roadside on a summer day / Goober Peas - Melody
Sitting in the cosy parlor / Kissing in the Dark - Melody
Slaves Consolation, The - Melody
Slumber my Darling - Melody
Snow-White Rose, The - Melody
Soft as the voice of an Angel / Whispering Hope - Melody
Soft be thy slumbers / Ellen Bayne - Melody
Soft o'er the fountain / Juanita - Melody
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling - Melody
Soiree Polka, The - Melody
Soldier in de Colored Brigade, A - Melody
Soldier's Pet, The - Melody
Soldier's Return, The - Melody
Soldier's Reveille, The - Melody
Soldiers sing of their beans and canteens / Army Bugs - Melody
Solidarity Forever - Melody
Some Folks - Melody
Somebody Stole My Gal - Melody
Somebody's coming to see me tonight - Melody
Somebody's Darling - Melody
Song, A - Melody
Song For the Union Soldiers - Melody
Song of 1857 - Melody
Song Of All Songs, The - Melody
Song of the First of Arkansas - Melody
Sons of Columbia, your Country now calls you / Save the Union - Melody
Sourwood Mountain - Melody
South Carolina, A Patriotic Ode - Melody
Southern Girl's Reply, The - Melody
Southern Soldier Boy - Melody
Southern Wagon, The - Melody
Southern War Cry - Melody
Southrons, hear your country call you! / Dixie - Melody
Southrons to arms! / Freedom's Call - Melody
Sowing in the morning, sowing seeds of kindness / Bringing in the Sheaves - Melody
Speed our Republic, O Father on high / Keller's American Hymn - Melody
Spirit of My Song, The - Melody
Stand Navy down the field / Anchors Aweigh - Melody
Stand to your glasses - Melody
Stand up, stand up for Jesus - Melody
Stand up! Stand up! Ye workers - Melody
Star Spangled Banner, The - Melody
Starry Banner, The - Melody
Stars and Stripes Forever, The - Melody
Stately Southerner - Melody
Stay Summer Breath - Melody
Steal Away - Melody
Stenka Razin - Melody
Still upon the field of battle / Just After The Battle - Melody
Stonewall Jackson's Way - Melody
Stood a little baby on the street one day / Where Is My Mama - Melody
Streets of Laredo, The - Melody
Stung Right - Melody
Summer breath, Summer breath, whisp'ring low / Stay Summer Breath - Melody
Summer Longings - Melody
Sweet Betsy from Pike - Melody
Sweet By and By - Melody
Sweet Emerald Isle That I Love So Well - Melody
Sweet Genevieve - Melody
Sweetly She Sleeps,My Alice Fair - Melody
Swell the anthem, raise the song - Melody
Swing low, sweet chariot - Melody
Sword and the Red, White and Blue, The - Melody
Sylvia's hair is like the night - Melody

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