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American Folksongs
Volkslieder aus den Vereinigten Staaten


Folksongs, Hymns and Spirituals of America
Sorted by first line of lyric AND title, with title in italics.

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Caissons Go Rolling Along - Melody
California, Here I Come - Melody
Call 'Em Names, Jeff - Melody
Call!, The - Melody
Cannonball Express, The - Melody
Carry me back to old Virginny - Melody
Call Me Not Back from the Echoless Shore - Melody
Casey Jones - The Union Scab - Melody
Champagne Charlie - Melody
Changing, changing, day after day / New Friends, True Friends - Melody
Chester - Melody
Chickens a-crowin' on Sourwood Mountain / Sourwood Mountain - Melody
Chief Justice Taney - Melody
Christ Liveth in Me - Melody
Christmas Bells - Melody
Citizen Song - Melody
Clap Your Hands Till Daddy Comes Home - Melody
Clementine - Melody
C-o-f-f-e-e, coffee is not for me / Coffee Song - Melody
Colorado Trail, The - Melody
Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean - Melody
Come all my jolly seamen, likewise you landsmen too / The Cumberland and the Merrimac - Melody
Come all of you, true friends of the nation / The Liberty Ball - Melody
Come all ye men of every state / The White House Chair - Melody
Come all ye sons of freedom / The Southern Wagon - Melody
Come all ye Southern Soldiers, come listen unto me - Melody
Come, all you brave Americans / Jackson's Victory - Melody
Come all you gallant soldiers, a story I will tell / Battle of Shiloh Hill - Melody
Come all you that hold true communion with southern Confederates bold / Kelly's Irish Brigade - Melody
Come all you young Americans / The Bark Gay Head - Melody
Come along boys and listen to my tale / The Old Chisholm Trail - Melody
Come and sit by my side if you love me - Melody
Come, comrades, join the Reveille / The Soldier's Reveille - Melody
Come, each death-doing dog / Hot Stuff - Melody
Come, hither bring the holly bush to decorate the hall / It Was My Father's Custom - Melody
Come, I am longing to hear thee / Beautiful Child of Song - Melody
Come, Jesus, from the sapphire throne - Melody
Come, join hand in hand / Liberty Song - Melody
Come Join Theme Big Union, Do - Melody
Come listen, all you darkies, come listen to my song / The Slaves Consolation - Melody
Come, messmates, pass the bottle 'round / Farewell To Grogg - Melody
Come now and gather round me / Fort Sumpter - Melody
Come on and hear / Alexander's Ragtime Band - Melody
Come on, brave boys, let us be brave - Melody
Come raise me in your arms, dear brother - Melody
Come, stack arms, men, pile on the rails / Stonewall Jackson's Way - Melody
Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming - Melody
Come with thy sweet voice again - Melody
Come with us, you workingmen / Paint 'Er Red - Melody
Coming 'round the Mountain - Melody
Compromise Song, The - Melody
Conditions they are bad / Workingman, Unite! - Melody
Confession of a Rebel Prisoner, The - Melody
Congress, The - Melody
Cora Dean - Melody
Cornwallis Country Dance - Melody
Cornwallis led a country dance / Cornwallis Country Dance - Melody
Corporal Schnapps - Melody
Cotton Fields Back Home - Melody
Countrymen of Washington! / Southern War Cry - Melody
Courage and honor to him who's jailed / We're Ready - Melody
Cowboy's Lament, The - Melody
Cumberland and the Merrimac, The - Melody


Da Vis! - Melody
Daisy, Daisy, give me you answer true / Bicycle Built for Two - Melody
Darling, I am growing old / Silver Threads Among the Gold - Melody
Darling Nelly Gray - Melody
Dashing through the snow / One Horse Open Sleigh or Jingle Bells - Melody
Day is done / Taps - Melody
De Camptown ladies sing this song / De Camptown Races - Melody
De Shanghai chicken, when you put him in de pit / Don't Bet Your Money On De Shanghai - Melody
De time is nebber dreary / Ring De Banjo - Melody
Deal with me kindly / Parthenia to Ingomar - Melody
Dear Land of Home, our hearts to thee are holden - Melody
Dear Lord and Father of mankind - Melody
Dearest love do you remember / Weeping, Sad and Lonely - Melody
Death of Colonel Baker - Melody
Death of General Lyon - Melody
Death with his cold hand / Linda has Departed - Melody
Dedicated to the Baltimore Light Artillery, C. S. A. - Melody
Deep Blue Sea - Melody
Deep River, my home is over Jordan - Melody
Delay not, delay not, O sinner, draw near - Melody
Dem Bones Gonna Rise Again - Melody
Der Deitcher's Dog - Melody
Dere was an old darkey / Old Uncle Ned - Melody
Devil Made Texas, The - Melody
Did you ever hear tell of Sweet Betsy from Pike / Sweet Betsy from Pike - Melody
Did you ever hear the story / Kitty Popcorn or The Soldier's Pet - Melody
Dixie - Melody
Dixie Land - Melody
Dixie (Union) - Melody
Do they miss me at home, do they miss me? - Melody
Do They Miss Me in the Trenches? - Melody
Dolcy Jones - Melody
Dolly Day - Melody
Do not trust him gentle lady / The Gipsie's Warning - Melody
Don't Bet Your Money On De Shanghai - Melody
Don't Take My Papa Away From Me - Melody
Don't you remember lame Sally, John Jones / John Jones - Melody
Don't you see the black clouds / Babylon is Fallen - Melody
Dove of Peace - Melody
Down Among the Cane-Breaks - Melody
Down by the Riverside - Melody
Down in Alabam' - Melody
Down in Charleston Jail - Melody
Down in Lawrence, Massachusetts / Come Join Theme Big Union, Do - Melody
Down in de valley de sperrit spoke / Dry Bones - Melody
Down in the valley, valley so low - Melody
Down in yonder valley / The Yankee Man-of-War - Melody
Down on de Mississippi floating / Nelly Was a Lady - Melody
Down-trodden, despised see brave Maryland lie / Down-Trodden Maryland - Melody
Down-Trodden Maryland - Melody
Dreaming of you that's all I do / Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland - Melody
Dreams That Charm'ed Me When a Child - Melody
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill - Melody
Drink It Down - Melody
Drummer Boy of Shiloh, The - Melody
Dry Bones - Melody
Dump the Bosses Off Your Back - Melody
Dying Californian, The - Melody
Dying with Jesus, by death reckoned mine / Moment by Moment - Melody


Ellen Bayne - Melody
Erie Canal, The - Melody
Erie Canal, The - Melody
Es ritten viel Reiter im County herum, juchhe / Bumm! Bumm!! Bumm!!! - Melody
Eulalie - Melody
Ev'ry thing seems lovely when you start to roam / My Mammy - Melody
Eva - Melody
Every morning about seven o'clock / Drill Ye Tarriers Drill - Melody
Everybody's Joining It - Melody
Express Office, The - Melody
Ezekiel saw a wheel a-turning / Ezekiel's Wheel - Melody

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