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American Folksongs / Volkslieder aus den Vereinigten Staaten


Folksongs, Hymns and Spirituals of America
Sorted by first line of lyric AND title, with title in italics.

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O! all of you poor single men / If You've Only Got a Moustache - Melody
O beautiful for spacious skies / America the Beautiful - Melody
O bury me not in the deep deep sea / The Ocean Burial - Melody
Oh! carry me 'long; der's no more trouble for me / Oh! Boys, Carry Me 'Long - Melody
O, California - Melody
O, can you see the master comin' / Kingdom Coming - Melody
O Columbia, Perle der Länder / Roth, Weiß, und Blau - Melody
O Columbia, the gem of the ocean - Melody
O! Comrades, Fill No Glass for Me - Melody
O! Dem Golden Slippers - Melody
O, Dixie the land of King Cotton - Melody
O don't you remember sweet Alice / Ben Bolt - Melody
O! dreary was the world to me / The Heart's Mission - Melody
O, fighting Joe Hooker the brave / Fighting Joe Hooker - Melody
O, Fremont he told them when the war it first begun / Give Us A Flag - Melody
O Genevieve, I'd give the world / Sweet Genevieve - Melody
O give me a home, where the buffalo roam / Home on the Range - Melody
O! go fetch me down my riding cane / The Hog-Eye Man - Melody
O God, our Father's God, whose care - Melody
O good evening gentlemen to-day / The New Policeman - Melody
O Happy Day - Melody
O haste on the battle, the sure coming battle - Melody
O have you heard of the brave old fellow / Ben McCullough - Melody
O, I went down south for to see my Sal / Polly Wolly Doodle - Melody
O, I wish I was in the land of cotton / Dixie Land - Melody
O, I'm gettin' old and feeble / Little Ol' Log Cabin in the Lane - Melody
O! Kind folks listen to my song / Abraham's Daughter - Melody
O! ladies don't you blush when I come out to play / Way Down in Ca-i-ro - Melody
O! ladies don't you wonder / Dolcy Jones - Melody
O! Lemuel - Melody
O! Lilly dear, it grieves me / Farewell, My Lilly Dear - Melody
O, Lord of Hosts! Almighty King! / The Army Hymn - Melody
Oh Lord of hosts! his country called / A Mother's Hymn in Time of War - Melody
O Lord of life, to Thee we lift our hearts - Melody
O! Lou'siana's de same old state / Lou'siana Belle - Melody
O Loving Heart, Trust On! - Melody
O, meet me when when daylight is fading / The Whip-Poor-Will's Song - Melody
O! My Brother - Melody
O my darling Clementine - Melody
O my God! what vengeful madness / My God! What Is All This For? - Melody
O, my golden slippers are laid away / Oh! Dem Golden Slippers - Melody
O! my heart's in a whirl / Peg O' My Heart - Melody
O! my litte bird, my Agnes / Agnes By The River - Melody
O once upon a time in Arkansas / The Arkansas Traveller - Melody
O, say can you hear / The Banner of Labor - Melody
O say can you see / The Star Spangled Banner - Melody
O, say can't you see by the dawn's early light / The Flag of Secession - Melody
O, Susanna - Melody
O the dear early days in my own fair land! / Sweet Emerald Isle That I Love So Well - Melody
O, the devil in hell they say he was chained / The Devil Made Texas - Melody
O, the first from New York / New-York 7th Regiment - Melody
O, there was an old soldier and he had a wooden leg / There Was An Old Soldier - Melody
O Thou whose feet have climbed life's hill - Melody
O! Touch Not My Sister's Picture - Melody
O! we're de bully soldiers / Song of the First of Arkansas - Melody
O, when I was single, oh when - Melody
O where, Oh where ish mine little dog gone / Der Deitcher's Dog - Melody
O, whiskey is the monster / The Brass-Mounted Army - Melody
O! Willie is it you dear / Willie We Have Missed You - Melody
O, yes, I am a Southern girl / The Homespun Dress - Melody
Ocean Burial, The - Melody
Ocean Telegraph, The - Melody
O'er Jerusalem Thou weepest - Melody
Officers of Dixie, The - Melody
Okie From Muskogee - Melody
Old Abe Lincoln Came Out Of The Wilderness - Melody
Old Abe Lincoln keeps kicking up a fuss / Root Hog, or Die (Southern version) - Melody
Old Black Joe - Melody
Old Chisholm Trail, The - Melody
Old Dan Tucker - Melody
Old Dog Tray - Melody
Old Early camped at Fisher's Hill / Liberty and Union Forever - Melody
Old Folks At Home - Melody
Old Folks Quadrille - Melody
Old Memories - Melody
Old Oaken Bucket, The - Melody
Old Uncle Abram wants us / A Soldier in de Colored Brigade - Melody
Old Uncle Ned - Melody
Old Whiskey Jug, The - Melody
On her leg she wears a silken garter / The Merry Month of May - Melody
On one summer's day / Won't you come home, Bill Bailey - Melody
On Shiloh's dark and bloody ground / The Drummer Boy of Shiloh - Melody
On Springfield Mountain, I once knew - Melody
On the bloody field of battle / O! Touch Not My Sister's Picture - Melody
On the field of Antietam / The Field of Antietam - Melody
On the lonely sea-beat shore / Willie My Brave - Melody
On the Seventeenth day of September / The Abolition Show or The Great Baby Show - Melody
On Vicksburg's globes and bloody ground / Battle of Vicksburg - Melody
One Big Industrial Union - Melody
One bright and shining light / My Mother's Eyes - Melody
One day as I lay dreaming / A Dream - Melody
One day as I was walking along the railroad track / Overalls and Snuff - Melody
One Horse Open Sleigh - Melody
One little girl, fair as a pearl / The White Slave - Melody
Once far from God and dead in sin / Christ Liveth in Me - Melody
Once I could laugh and play / Down Among the Cane-Breaks - Melody
Once I had a sweetheart, noble brave and true / My Sweetheart Went Down with the Maine - Melody
Once I Loved Thee, Mary Dear - Melody
Once I was happy but now I'm forlorn / The Man on the Flying Trapeze - Melody
Onward! onward! is the cry now / Volunteers' Song - Melody
Open Thy Lattice Love - Melody
Our Boys Are Coming Home - Melody
Our Bright, Bright Summer Days Are Gone - Melody
Our campfires shone bright on the mountains / Sherman's March to the Sea - Melody
Our flag is unfurled and our arms flash bright / The Young Volunteer - Melody
Our German Volunteers - Melody
Our Jimmy has gone for to live in a tent / Grafted Into The Army - Melody
Our knapsacks sling / We Are Marching On To Richmond - Melody
Our starry flag is at half mast / Death of Colonel Baker - Melody
Our Sweethearts at Home - Melody
Our Willie, dear, is dying - Melody
Over hill, over dale, as we hit the dusty trail / Caissons Go Rolling Along - Melody
Over the river and through the woods - Melody
Over There - Melody
Overalls and Snuff - Melody


Pack Up Your Troubles in an Old Kit Bag - Melody
Paint 'Er Red - Melody
Parasites in this fair country / The Parasites - Melody
Parthenia to Ingomar - Melody
Pat Murphy Of The Irish Brigade - Melody
Peg O' My Heart - Melody
Pilgrim's Legacy, The - Melody
Place park, scene dark / By The Light Of The Silvery Moon - Melody
Playmate - Melody
Please give me your attention / Mr. Block - Melody
Polly Wolly Doodle - Melody
Poor Drooping Maiden - Melody
Pop Goes the Weasel - Melody
Praise Him! Praise Him! - Melody
Preacher and the Slave, The - Melody
Pretty Baby - Melody
Prisoner's Song, The - Melody
Private Perks is a funny little codger / Pack Up Your Troubles in an Old Kit Bag - Melody
Puttin' On The Ritz - Melody


Quadroon Girl To Her Lover, The - Melody
Queenie Bee lived o'er the lee / Be My Little Baby Bumblebee - Melody

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